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Votes for SGA president are in, Lauren McNeaill wins again

Submitted by KenDrell Collins on March 13, 2014 – 12:46 pm3 Comments

For McNeaill’s next term, she intends to bring soft-serve ice cream to the Sodexo café and even launch UALR Athletics Tailgating.

By Michael Smith

Tension rose in the SGA Office as the ballots were tallied. With three major candidates and more reported voters in UALR history, this year’s campaign proved to be a clenching race.

As the last minute votes were tallied, Lauren McNeaill’s Vice President and challenging candidate Nora Bouzihay stood solemnly in the SGA office awaiting the decision. Finally, after weeks of campaigning and hard work, it was in this moment the candidates could see the battle was coming to a head. With 955 total votes, more than in UALR recorded history, the candidates knew the race had to be close.

After sorting through all of the write-in votes, the official tally placed Lauren McNeaill in the majority with 517 votes or 54 percent. Coming in second was Bouzihay with 416 votes. Third was Brett Clark with 22 votes. There was a total of sixty write-in votes for other individuals.

As the candidates signed the results as witnesses, the two teams regrouped, and McNeaill was informed of her victory. The winning team cheered with elation, and congratulatory hugs and handshakes were shared amongst the victors. Lauren was thrilled she had won yet again, and seemingly more thrilled that the race had finally come to an end.

When asked about her thoughts on the race and her next steps forward, Lauren Mcneaill said that although the competition was “physically draining, stiff competition,” she planned to move forward with her victory and “continue to do the things we’ve been doing and continue to make great strides in the same positive direction.”

With her second term now in full swing, it will be interesting to see what McNeaill has in store for the Trojans.