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Quiet study nooks no one ever knew existed, or overlooked

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When individuals think of study nooks, they think of technology. They think of the applications from the Barnes and Noble website. However, a study nook is an area where people can get in a good study session with no distractions.

Any area with no distractions is considered as a study area. Some study nooks at UALR include Ottenheimer Library, the Donaghey Student Center, benches beside the Cooper Fountain, the Language Resource Center, computer corner in the Diamond Café, residence hall study rooms, and individual department student lounges.

Ernesto Valesquez, one of the counselors of Student Support Services, said that he has special rooms for students who are a part of the program.

“A study nook will be separate form a study hall because in a library they have special rooms where it’s quiet,” Valesquez said.

Shawn Manis, Head of Ottenheimer Library Circulation, said that whether an individual or a group, students can always find a quiet place to study in the library.

“We’re more conscious about the fact that people want quiet,” he said.

On every floor of the library, there are tables where groups can sit together and study. On the fourth floor, there are private rooms where one individual can sit in each room.

Libraries or private rooms on various school campuses are not the only places considered study nooks. Students can use their dormitories of their apartment as study nooks.

According to, students can design their own study nooks at home. Students will need internet, a compatible desk, comfortable chair, storage for studying supplies (paper, pencil, books, etc.), a desk lamp and plenty of space for books.

Students will want to find a space that will eliminate all distractions. The next thing that a nook needs is a flat surface for storage. Last, students will want to make sure that they make their nook looks “pretty.”

“Study nooks go for individual reference to group reference,” Manis said.

Students can use any space as a study nook where they can concentrate. However, according to Manis and Valesquez, students are more focused when studying in various areas on campus than they are at home.

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