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Ghost sighting in DSC is a head-scratcher for school officials

Submitted by Shashank Avvaru on March 30, 2014 – 10:47 pmOne Comment

An incident that can only be described as bizarre and baffling occurred in the early hours of this morning. Danny Rogers, a senior Systems Engineering major spotted a ghost in the Donaghey Student Center recently.

“I was just about done for the day and walking toward the parking lot from the EIT building, when I did something I shouldn’t have done,” Dan told The Forum. Realizing he had parked his car in the DSC parking lot he hurried toward it when he realized he had to go to the restroom. “I knew right then that I shouldn’t have gone in. I was alone, you know? And scared. Who wouldn’t be?”

He ran through the sparsely lit cafeteria and into the restroom.  When he pushed the door open the lights came to life and immediately he noticed someone standing at the far right corner. “The bright light hit me in the face and I blinked. But in that split second, I saw someone standing and staring at me. But then, poof. Nothing.” Danny proceeded to walk in and stood in front of the toilet bowl when he felt the presence behind him. He slowly turned his head back to see him again.

“He was about 6 feet I think. He was maybe 40 years old but what scared me the most was his face. He looked bloody and his face looked as if a bomb had exploded near it. Broken nose, torn lips, scarred cheeks and blood everywhere.” Danny slowly turned around but the man had vanished. Convinced that he was just seeing things he stood in front of the mirror and began cleansing his hands when in the mirror he saw the man again behind him.

“He was standing right behind me now and he was breathing heavily. That was when I turned too quickly, slipped, hit my head against the corner of the wash basin and fainted.”

The janitor found an unconscious Danny at 5:15 a.m. Medical authorities arrived at the scene and within minutes, he was rushed to the St. John’s Medical Emergency Center.

“It is not unusual for students to stay until late in the morning and sometimes throughout the day in the Research Areas across the university,” Jacqueline Anderson, an on-campus Ghost Prevention & Safety Officer told on-scene reporters. “There were 8 ghost sightings that have been reported in the last 20 years – on the football field, in a classroom, just walking on college grounds, and now a ghost in the bathroom.”

According to her, the description given by Danny fits that of a 38 year old student in UALR in 1986 named Chad Thatcher. He was indulged in a gang war that ended with him being stabbed in the DSC parking lot.

“But Chad is alive and well, so we don’t know what to make of Danny’s story,” she said.


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