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Trojan Alley to be Converted into bowling alley

Submitted by Andra Onecic on March 30, 2014 – 11:17 pm3 Comments

The Facilities Management department is in the process of converting the mundane meeting room inside the Diamond Cafe, known as “Trojan Alley,” into a free bowling alley where students on a budget can have a great time.

The bowling alley will provide food and drinks as well as a few slot machines. The already low-lit room will provide the perfect atmosphere for a fun hangout spot. The most recent debate was whether the bowling alley should have a theme. After a student-sponsored vote, the decision was made that the bowling alley will envelope the ambiance of a 1970s disco; a disco ball and colored lighting will be musts.

The Office of Campus Life will host weekly events in which students will win a variety of prizes. The prizes will be anywhere from a tee shirt to 50” flat-screen TV. The bowling alley is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of fall 2014. The bowling alley will also provide the opportunity for students to obtain volunteer hours by taking care of the equipment or providing food service. The university believes there is a need for outreach to the student body, and the purpose of this bowling alley is to bring together students and faculty of all ages and interests.