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UALR announces dress code to increase safety across campus

Submitted by Hillary Perkins on March 30, 2014 – 10:41 pmOne Comment

The UALR Dean of Students sponsored a meeting about changing the dress code during a meeting March 11 at the Donaghey Student Center in Meeting Room G.

Darren McGerald, the Dean of the Dean of Students
mentioned that students need to dress more formally.

These are the following rules for the dress code:

No shirts that show off the midriff of the body. Shorts and skirts must be three
inches above the knee. No leggings are allowed. Students are not allowed to
wear sandals or open toed wedges or heels on campus, due to the risk of foot
injuries. No hats or fitted caps are allowed. Men are not allowed to wear saggy

Students are also not allowed to wear jeans or
tennis shoes on campus. They are only allowed to wear polyester slacks, khaki
pants, polyester skirts, ballerina flat shoes, black dress shoes for men.

The entire campus was very outraged due to this change.
“I feel that the way that you dress is a way of expressing yourself,” said Tamla
Simmons, a Senior Mass Communications major. “We are all adults, so therefore,
this dress code is irrelevant.”

“I think that this will be a way to prevent crimes
on campus and other injuries,” said Darren McGerald. Another thing that McGerald has
mentioned, is that our dress code is a way of setting an example for the rest of
the school campus in various ways. For example, the idea of changing the dress
code is a way of helping students to snap out of bad habits such as using
profane, promiscuity and committing crimes on campus.

Another example, is there are sexual predators who stalk their rape victims based on
what they are wearing. When a sexual predator looks at a female wearing a short
skirt, it makes them think that she is promiscuous. Men who wear saggy jeans
are looked at as troublemakers.

“For anybody to let something like that to come out of their
mouth sounds stupid,” said Hillary McGuire, a junior majoring in dance. “In the summer,
everyone is wearing tank tops and shorts. So if that was the case, this entire campus
would be a target for rape, murder, and robbery.”

In grade school, school administrators put out a
dress code as a way for students to be more disciplined. Once these students
become adults, they gain more access to their freedom. Then there are
consequences behind every action that they do. There are some things that
college students are old enough to understand, but not mature enough to do it
simply because they cannot handle the consequences behind it.

If students refuse to follow the dress code, there
will be disciplinary action involved. The first offense will be a 10 day
suspension from campus. The students will also be forced to study the dress
code and take a test. The second offense will be six months of expulsion. The third
offense will result is banning students from campus. For more information on
the new dress code, visit

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