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Entrepreneurship Club breeds business leaders across disciplines

Submitted by Shashank Avvaru on April 16, 2014 – 1:50 pmOne Comment

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock, like most universities, has an diverse student body. Irrespective of ethnicity, creed, ideology, nationality, students come and go to school every day proving the power of diversity and the value of a global environment.

But there is one thing that every student has in common: the urge to create. The urge to touch new horizons, the urge to discover new possibilities and the urge to build something out of nothing are few of the reasons why the Entrepreneurship Club was formed.

Arkansas is a growing haven of independent businesses and individual, fresh ideas. Some of the leading companies in America today (Dillard’s, Walmart etc.) started out in our state. UCA, U of A – Fayetteville, ASU all have their own entrepreneurship-oriented organizations and the lack of one in our school inspired a few passionate students from different departments and disciplines to form the Entrepreneurship Club.

“UALR is a confluence of students from all walks of life with ideas,” said Debanjan Mahata, the club’s president. “Our state is filled with opportunities just waiting to be explored. All that you need is the right direction, which is what we are hoping to provide. I’m the club’s president and Josiah Brann is a computer science student and the vice president. Roger Doyne is the secretary and a technical writing student, and Benjamin Berley is in the management program and is our treasurer. Our diversity is our biggest advantage – the wide range of perspectives will only make the club’s framework broader.”

The Entrepreneurship Club’s flagship event is a Mixer which will take place on April 16 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the DSC Student Center (Ledbetter Hall B & C). With this mixer, the members aim to fulfill two distinct goals: 1) provide budding entrepreneurs the right guidance and tutelage needed to succeed and 2) give  fresh students a foray into entrepreneurship. The entire board of the club will be present along with some well-known advisors and professors from the school. Discussion along with question and answer sessions are all part of the event.

The Entrepreneurship Club is also going to accept new members during the mixer. A number of exclusive, exciting members-only facilities will be provided as a part of the membership privilege.

If you were looking for a club that tells you that it is better to create a job than to get a job, then look no further.

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