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Bojack Horseman Review

Submitted by Shashank Avvaru on September 8, 2014 – 10:09 pmOne Comment

by Shashank Avvaru and Zach Martin

Netflix, the American-based on-demand internet streaming website, has begun to attempt to create a watch base exclusive to their domain. Their initial project, Orange is the New Black, has proved to be a success, with Emmy recognition and viewers tuning in from all around the world. Bojack Horseman has emerged as Netflix’s newest brain child.

The animated adult cartoon starts with a bit of background history on the main character Mr. Horseman. This is essentially the story of Bojack being a washed-up star still trying to connect with the celebrity world, full of dry humor and comedic antics. Bojack is the adult version of a child star, and he is learning to grow and be happy while maintaing a strong love and admiration for his old show. Funny moments from Horseman include: him trying to explain the morals of all his favorite shows, and animal stars stealing his girlfriends. You will be heaving for air between laughs in this witty, comedy show, Bojack Horseman.

The hilarity does not just come from the fact that a horse is acting like a man and up walking around and talking. The show introduces many different points involving personification and our interaction as a society with animals. It shows us our own love for animals and includes actual human-animal romantic relationships, such as a loveable dog actor, Mr. Peanut Butter, going steady with Bojack’s new agent. Bojack has parties at his Hollywood celebrity pad, goes downtown for coffee, and does anything anyone else does on a regular day, but he’s a horse. This show will let you connect with your admiration of animals while rolling you around on the floor laughing at its wit and fun comedy. The first season is available on now, which requires a subscription to enable watching.

Similar to the style of Family Guy and The Simpsons, Bojack Horseman is a cartoon with many underlying levels. At the top of the list is hilarious comedy and funny dialogue that makes this series original and definitely a part of your re-watch list.

However, further into the show, a number of previously unseen layers emerge. Its environment and characters are instrumental in making the show a satire of the human condition. It is also a rib-tickling and sympathetic perspective of our relationship with animals. The setting of the show might sound borrowed, but everything from the word go is raw and fresh.

There is one thing that everyone, adult or child, will agree upon: animation is definitely eye-grabbing. Animated shows have raked in millions of viewers and billions of dollars by banking on this attraction alone.

Bojack Horseman is a valuable addition to the list of your must-watch TV shows. This satiric look at our world’s quality of new, unexplored content is only exceeded by the consistent humorous characters and the overall light theme of the show.

Watch Bojack Horseman if you are looking for a good show to watch. Watch Bojack Horseman if you are in the mood for laughs. What we are trying to say is: No matter what your reason is or what kind of shows you prefer, watch Bojack Horseman.


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