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What’s the scoop on Scoopshot?

Submitted by Clayborn Waters on October 23, 2014 – 6:33 pmNo Comment

For anyone who likes to take pictures and make videos, this is the app for you. The best thing about it is that users can now sell their pictures and videos to several brands around the world.

The Scoopshot application is becoming the trend for Apple iPhone devices. It’s a fun app for people to share their experience with other people worldwide.

Scoopshot was updated this month on Oct. 10 by P2S Media Group, Incorporated, which is known to be one of the largest companies in the U.S.

It comes with four features including a task page, profile page, activity feed, and photo browser. The features allow app users to vote on the best pictures or videos, see what people and friends are doing, share your photos with the world and discover what is happening around you.

Other than those four features, there are several others that allow you to discover what pictures are trending; follow task creator; receive specific tasks; profile enhancement; discover which brands are purchasing images; browse through millions of photos; start discussions on any image; and share photos to different social media channels.

One thing the user should be aware of– and avoid, is posting inappropriate content because it can be reported.

Some people who’ve used the app are so far enjoying it. According to Sincerely Mindy, a blogger the app was quick and easy to set up and navigate because it’s an app that’s not overly complicated to work with.

The estimated worth for the application is $20,520, which is a good start for a new app.

Scoopshot is compatible with only Apple iPhone products and requires an iOS 7.0 or later update.

As much attention as I give to my phone, I would like to give this application a try to see what it’s like and see if it’s an interesting alternative to Instagram and Flickr.

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