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Conque selected as athletic director

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Chasse Conque, UALR's new athletic director, talks about his role in furthering the athletic program.











Chancellor Joel Anderson announced Tuesday that UALR’s new athletic director is Chasse Conque. He will assume the position Jan. 20.

Conque is senior director of development at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and has previously worked at UALR. He worked in the athletic department as director of development for four years.

Conque has been in central Arkansas for 15 years. He spent 10 of those years in Little Rock. After he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Central Arkansas, Conque earned an MBA degree (master of business administration) at UALR.

“Chasse brings the advantages of both an insider and an outsider,” Anderson said. “An insider who doesn’t have to start at ground zero but already has considerable knowledge of the people, the challenges, the opportunities, the environment, the context of athletics at UALR.”

Anderson offered insight to Conque’s background and previous work experience.

“He is a solid person in all respects,” Anderson said. “People trust him, they respect him, they enjoy working with him, and they are motivated by him to do well.”

Applause greeted the new athletic director as he took the podium. All he could say was, “Wow, this is unbelievable.” He introduced members of his family, starting with his wife, Lisa, who also attended UALR. They have three daughters.

While most kids dream of becoming firefighters and cowboys, Conque said, he dreamed of becoming an athletic director. Now that his dream has come true, he plans to take the athletic department to the next level.

“Little Rock deserves a strong Division I department of athletics,” Conque said. “It plays a major role. We have a lot of wonderful things in our community.”

Chris Peterson, the former athletic director, resigned in September after inappropriate comments made at a UALR women’s soccer game. Bob Denman was chosen to serve as interim athletic director on Sept. 12.

Before the announcement, Anderson thanked Denman and said he thinks they “shocked the world,” announcing that Denman would fill the position until January. Denman jokingly replied, “It shocked me!” The crowd joined in the laughter.

“He’s [Denman] done wonderful things for the university and for athletics this fall,” Anderson said. “I am in his debt, and you are in his debt, and I want to say that [publicly].”

A search committee was established to find a replacement. It took a great deal of time, and Anderson said he’s relieved this process is now over. He acknowledged Dr. Sandra Robertson, who was head of the committee. Anderson also expressed his gratitude to the other committee members in attendance.

Conque thanked Anderson for his support and trust with this position. He also thanked Denman for the “remarkable things” he has done while at the university. Conque said Denman’s role as the interim athletic director “has been extremely critical” for the athletic program.

Denman has been creating ways of getting more student involvement on campus, and Conque plans on building on to those ideas, saying he’s going to “pick his [Denman’s] brain first.”

“I would like to get as many of our registered student organizations involved and our student leaders on our campus,” Conque said.

He said that he would like to meet with a newly formed committee three or four times a year to “help build that bridge of partnership.”

“I’m convinced that a strong show of support from our campus community will have a tremendous ripple effect,” Conque said.





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