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Gault continues to improve on the court

Submitted by Margaret Rogers on January 30, 2015 – 2:17 pmNo Comment

Ever since she was a little girl, Taylor Gault developed a passion for the game of basketball.

“I started playing when I was four,” Gault said. “I’ve played my whole life.”

During her high school years at Conway High School, Gault played basketball and ran track, noting that she was offered scholarships at various colleges for her talents on the track, but she had a deeper love for her childhood sport.

She chose to attend UALR and play for the women’s basketball team, which was a difficult transition coming from high school ball to a college team.

“It was pretty tough,” Gault said. “My freshman year was really hard, considering I had upperclassmen that were on me every day.”

Gault adjusted well, during her freshman year she achieved numerous honors, and the Trojans won the conference championship, which is her favorite memory with the team.

Since her days as a freshman, Gault said she has matured and understands how to handle certain game situations.

“Knowing that defense is what wins games,” Gault said. “I learned that a lot this year.”

As a player, she has a few strengths that contribute to the team.

“My shot is pretty good, my elevation, and I’m quick,” Gault said. “My defense has gotten better so I would say that’s a strength now.”

There are some things that Gault says she works on to improve her all athletic abilities.

“Being consistent every day, playing good defense, and making good percentage shots,” Gault said.

All of the things that Gault and the team work on in practice has paid off, only having two losses so far this season, to Tulane and South Dakota State. Gault is confident that team will keep on defeating opponents.

“I think we’re going to continue to win, as long as we keep playing together and play good defense,” Gault said.

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