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Pokémon Go by Shaun Williams

Submitted by Victoria Mugambi on August 31, 2016 – 12:56 pmNo Comment

Pokémon Go, a free app developed by Niantic and released in July, has taken the nation by storm.

Users walk around to real-life locations called “PokeStops,” to get items and collect the Pokémon that pop up along the way. After hitting a Pokestop or capturing a Pokémon, you will gain XP, which stands for experience points. Experience points are the unit of measurement for many role-playing games and mark the progression of your character. After capturing the Pokémon you travel to take over real-world objectives called “Gyms,” from other players. Since the game has been out a few months, most won’t find a gym that doesn’t have Pokémon over 1,000 combat power.

Most players find the main appeal of Pokémon Go to be how people can go out in the real-world and find tons of others who see the same augmented reality that they do, which brings the virtual dream of Pokémon to life.

One of Niantic’s problems is that they aren’t listening to their fan base. Pokémon Go can be very intriguing in the beginning because players are very focused on “becoming the very best” by constantly catching Pokémon and leveling up. However, after doing this repeatedly for several days straight, most get bored and just find the next big thing that is out.

Pokémon Go has impacted the world by allowing its users to interact and come together to find the many different Pokémon that are currently in the game. Though there are a few that are only in different countries you still may be able to get them in Pokémon eggs. In the game, players receive limited time items, such as lures–an item that attract pokemon to any pokestop. This allows players in the community to meet other trainers who are also trying to catch as many Pokémon as they can. Placing lures keeps the communities alive.

Pokémon Go is can’t miss social experience; an experience that makes the world of Pokémon real. However, its RPG mechanics and combat don’t have nearly enough depth to support itself in the long term. People will start to lose interest because of its lack of depth, and grow tired of just tossing pokeballs and tapping their screen during gym battles. As a result, many are looking forward to what Niantic has in store for Pokémon Go in hopes that they don’t let their fan base down.

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