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I Am With You

Submitted by Jack A. Webb on November 16, 2016 – 12:00 pm2 Comments

To all the women, people of color, Muslims, immigrants, disabled, and LGBTQ people of America: I am sorry. I’m sorry that hate and bigotry won the presidential election. I’m sorry that we now live in a country that tells us that being who we are is wrong and that ignorance and prejudice is now validated from the highest office in the land.

Hope and progress were on the ballot, but sadly, an overwhelming amount of voters voted out of fear rather than aspiration. Donald J. Trump, loser of the popular vote, is set to become the 45th president of the United States of America.

To the women and girls who inspire me everyday: don’t stop believing that someday soon, someone that looks like you will finally make it clear, once and for all, that females are truly capable of doing anything that a man can. You have to continue to lean in and never lose hope. I am with you.

To my friends of color who know all too well that the road to justice is a long and slow climb: you are worthy of dignity and respect. We must fight together to protect the legacy of President Barack Obama–a president that so many tried to discredit based off the color of his skin rather the content of his character. I am with you.

To the millions of Muslim-Americans that provide so much to this country: you are our Constitution in action. Although you may feel threatened under this new administration, just know that so many of us have your back. You belong. I am with you.

To the immigrants who have sacrificed so much to get here: welcome. You are strong and you are brave. America is your home and you deserve the opportunities to thrive and make a better life for yourself. I am with you.

To the disabled people that feel less than: you prove to us everyday just how strong and capable you are. You are an inspiration. Don’t let a bully in the White House bring you down. I am with you.

And last, but certainly not least, to my lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer brothers and sisters: we know injustice and know that the road to equality is long but ultimately know that we will prevail. We are strong and we are fighters. I am with you.

To the ones who voted against us: we’re still here. We’ll be here every step of the way, daring to compete and putting up a resistance to every policy that tries to strip away our right to live an open and peaceful life. Although it didn’t this time, love will ultimately trump hate. We are millions strong and we will rise!


  • Adam says:

    You got nice thoughts buddy but this is about the world, not just people living in America either majority or minority. Trump may be blunt but he speaks of his heart. Sometimes, it is required to have a bitter experience. Wish you very good luck and I am with you.

  • kompom says:

    Freedom, regardless of religion and nationality.