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UALR Trojan Food Pantry offers hunger relief by Ericka Henson

Submitted by Tanner Newton on November 23, 2016 – 1:42 amNo Comment

For many students, a good meal is a fantasy. Lots of students are hungry and in need of food, but there is help in the form of the UALR Trojan Food Pantry.

Members of the UALR community who are in need of assistance and who are wondering how to receive food from the Food Pantry can find fill out an application at, followed by the request form. This food is available for students, staff or faculty members.

A request form needs to be filled out once a week, for every week an applicant wants to receive food from the Pantry. According to Whitney Bradford, a MSW Concentration Year Graduate Student Intern, “Each food donation bag that is given is based upon an on a three-day supply guide chart, with taking into consideration the recipient and their household.”

Due to the Pantry being closed on Nov. 24, for the Thanksgiving break, the Pantry will be partnering with Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, Fresh2YouMobile Farmers Market, and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) outreach for their first “Fresh-Giving’s Day” on Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

According to Courtney Griggs, who is the MSW Foundation Year Graduate Intern, “There will be pop-ups to educate students, staff, and faculty about healthy eating habits, fresh produce will be sold, benefits of SNAP will be discussed, and more for students.” This will be the first “Fresh-Giving’s Day” event for The UALR Food Pantry.

The Pantry doesn’t just give out food, it also collects it. If you want to donate to the food pantry, there are a few guidelines that Whitney Bradford unfolded:

  • Canned goods cannot be past the 1-year expiration date.
  • Monetary donations are accepted.
  • Receipts from the UALR Foundation can be given for tax write-offs.
  • The Community Connection Center (CCC) is a food donation drop off location.
  • The UALR Trojan Food Pantry is also a food donation drop off location.

Currently the greatest needs of the UALR Food Pantry are peanut butter, jelly, canned meats, soup, canned beans, boxed meals, rice mixes, pasta, spaghetti sauce, and canned fruit.


The other location drop offs on the UALR campus include the Library, Office of Campus Living, DSC Info. Desk, Nursing Student Lounge, Fine Arts Lounge, first floor of EIT, and first floor of Dickinson.


The UALR Trojan Food Pantry is a student run pantry. The Food Pantry is always eager for help and to teach the UALR community about their operations. If a student would like to apply to volunteer, they would just need to email the listserv at: and someone will contact you directly.

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