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SGA members want coffee and chess

Submitted by Tanner Newton on November 30, 2016 – 1:05 pmNo Comment

Food, coffee and chess where discussed by members of the Student Government Association (SGA) at a recent SGA meeting.

The food concerned the Trojan Grill.

Several SGA members are not impressed with the Trojan Grill. Problems that were mentioned included quality of food, quality of service and cleanliness.

“It doesn’t seem very clean in there, the staff is generally rude, it sometimes takes a while for orders to be completed – there’s just a number of issues there,” one member said

“It’s the type of place you go to once a semester and you go ‘Wow this is awful’ and you never go back,” another member added.

SGA President Connor Donovan noted that he has gotten a number of emails regarding this topic.

A couple of SGA senators decided that they will write a survey to determine if these feelings are widespread.

The talk then turned from food to coffee.

In this case, several SGA members argued that there should be more opportunities to get coffee in the library.

There is a coffee stand in the library, but it is closed at night. Anybody looking for coffee during this time periods has to leave the campus to find any. Because of this, these members would like to see a coffee pot added to the library.

One member noted that a coffee pot would be nice, because it would be cheaper than buying from the coffee stand.

Donovan said that a library advisory group is in the process of being started. Once this group is running, Donovan said that this issue will be discussed again there.

The other thing discussed during the meeting was that the chess boards that are available for rent at the library are old and in need of replacing.

An SGA member suggested that the SGA buy new chess boards for the library. Donovan replied that the SGA, like every part of UALR, just received a budget cut.

Donovan said that rather than the SGA go out and buy chess boards, the people who use the library’s boards should look into starting a chess club. A chess club would be a student organization, and would get a budget.

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