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‘Yes’ campaign in the works

Submitted by Talia Winkler on January 25, 2017 – 12:00 pmNo Comment

When attending college, it’s a safe bet that every semester will be riddled with multiple trips and or calls to various offices. Whether it be the admissions office, student housing, or financial aid, those trips are not known for their fun nature.

The Chancellor and other administrators around campus have made it their job to make Little Rock an appealing prospect to incoming students and current students alike.

Mia Phillips, Communication and Special Projects Coordinator, in the Chancellor’s office sheds some light on the thought process that hopes to make UALR a better place for students to call home.

“It’s not an official campaign as of yet. Our vice chancellor Steve McClellan gathered a group of staff directors for areas that are highly student oriented: admissions, records and registration,” Phillips said. “That’s where we are at, reimagining how we do some things.”

This gathering resulted in the fruition of the “Yes” campaign.

“The ‘Yes’ campaign encourages faculty and staff to think of ways to say yes rather than no. Obviously sometimes the answer is no but sometimes we can be more creative in solutions we find for our students, trying to find ways to say yes. It may take a little more work, it may be a little more complicated,” Phillips says.

Rachel Callahan is a graphic design major, who lives on campus and has attended UALR for the past 2 years. Each semester she deals with the financial aid office and student accounts.

“The financial aid office has been really helpful, I dealt with them all last week, and they helped me with everything,” says Callahan.

As for the “Yes Campaign,” Callahan thinks it’s a good idea, pointing out the negative kinds of experiences that students can have when trying to register and obtain financial aid.

Marc Glidden, Director of Campus Living and Assistant Dean of Students, has plenty of experience dealing with students.  He also thinks the “Yes Campaign” will be a positive change for the university.

“I think that any organization that takes a proactive look at how they serve their customers, in this case being students, is a positive thing,”  says Glidden. “One of the ways to make sure people come back is through good customer service, so that students can have a positive experience and tell other potential students, high school seniors, that yes this is a place where they will help you through the registration process, they’ll help you through the financial aid process, they will help you through the campus living process.”

Students will be the major benefactor of the campaign. The hope is that it will make the campus experience a better one.

“Ideally every student that comes to us we can help them and be kind to them,” Phillips says. “We help them progress towards their goal. They are here to get an education and we want to make that happen.”


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