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Why Everyone Should Be Participating in #ShootYourShot2017 Shanelle Harris

Submitted by Lauren Humphrey on February 22, 2017 – 11:59 amNo Comment

Before you begin to read any further, let me be the first to tell you that this is not a sports article. This won’t be an article talking about the latest NBA game that was just on TV nor will it be a conversation about who the best shooter in the league is. No, this article has nothing to do with basketball. However, the concept of #shootyourshot2017 is and was inspired by a simple aspect of the sport. For those of you who’ve never heard of the hashtag #ShootYourShot2017 or haven’t at least seen it floating around on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, allow me to put in in context for you. To “shoot your shot” in its original meaning means to pursue a person of desire that may or may not be “out of your league” by putting your pride aside and initiating contact. Most notably this can be seen through the form of DM’s (direct messages) on the aforementioned social media sites.

However, while the results of this hashtag may be rooted in eventually obtaining said person, I believe we should take a bit further. The concept as I mentioned earlier was inspired by the number one scoring factor of basketball. You have possession of the ball and you attempt to shoot it in a hoop that is more than likely taller than you. At the same time, you must defend that ball from opposite team members to obtain your ultimate goal of scoring points. Let’s look at this concept holistically. Imagine that you are at the free throw line of your life. In your hands, you possess the skills, talents, & abilities needed to “score points “or to be successful. There are other roadblocks on your left and right, let’s call them insecurities, the threat of failure, jealous friends, unsupportive family members, challenging college courses, needy children, petty exes, rude bosses. You see where I’m going with this? Those things are all waiting to capitalize on you missing this shot. However, you know and understand what’s at stake. What’s at stake could be that financial stability you need in your life, what’s at stake could be leaving the job you hate and pursuing your dream, what’s at stake could be finally obtaining all the things you ever wanted and achieving a sense of purpose and self-worth. Knowing that victory could be on the other side of it all, what’s there left to do?

Shoot. Your. Shot. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus intentionally, gather yourself and shoot your shot. Go after those things that you want in life. Pursue those desires and dreams that may have become dormant. Take the risk, feel the fear, and do it anyway. There will always be something somewhere ready and willing to hold you back. And often times than not, that something is ourselves. In 2017, let’s make a promise. Let’s promise to unleash those limits and limiting beliefs. Let’s promise to look at the skills, talents, and innate abilities we truly possess and capitalize on them. Let’s promise to shoot our shot at any and every dream in our heart so that we can live the life we’ve always imagined. Let’s win in 2017. I’ll see you at the free throw line.

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