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Local Artist Spotlight: Kaya Armstrong (K.I.D) By: Brittany Dean

Submitted by Whitney Bryson on March 20, 2017 – 12:10 amNo Comment

One thing that everyone should do is support local artists. It is easy for us to praise Beyoncé, Katy Perry and all the other big name stars but they had to start somewhere too. When the opportunity came up for me to see a few local artists in a nearby club I jumped at the chance.

In Downtown Little Rock you may come across a place called The Power Ultra Lounge. It is located on 220 W. 6th Street. It is a nice size club that includes a bar and features tons of local artists including Kaya Armstrong. Most people who know her or have heard her music may know her by Kay I Dee K.I.D.

K.I.D is from Little Rock and she has been obsessed with music all of her life.  She began writing music when she was in the ninth grade and has been doing it since. Most of all of the music she writes is rhythm and blues but she also writes pop music and rap.

She performed three of her own songs at the Power Ultra Lounge. She had a great support group of friends and family and she introduced some new listeners to her music that night.

Everyone usually has some sort of inspiration for the things they do. For K.I.D it is no different. Some of her music inspirations include the music of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. She also is inspired by Missy Elliott’s music and some of the early 90’s group music also serves as some inspiration.

A couple weeks ago was K.I.D’s very first performance, even though she performed like she does it on a regular basis. She plans on doing more performances during the summer. She says that it is an exciting feeling to perform on stage for others.

It is very apparent that there is a bright future ahead for K.I.D but when she was asked where she saw herself in five years she knew that she may be living in California and hopes to be able to perform on a few tours. She says that she does not want Beyoncé status fame but she wants to hear herself on the radio.

There are probably many people who have some of the same passions as K.I.D. but may have some fear about putting themselves out there so I asked her what her advice would be for those people.

“Everybody isn’t going to be on your side. If you want it, you have to put in the time and effort and find people who will be by your side through ups and downs. Do what you love!”


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