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Affordable Asian cuisine hiding in plain sight: Mike’s Cafe

Submitted by Elton Tevebaugh on April 9, 2017 – 11:00 amNo Comment

As a commuter, I find it easiest for me to park over by Big Lots. I have to take Fair Park Boulevard and Asher Avenue on a regular basis.

I have been in the mood for some variety of Asian food for a while now. I had been meaning to check out this restaurant I pass by daily, and I finally made my way to Mike’s Café on Asher.

The menu had the names of dishes presumably in Vietnamese, but had English translations listed directly below each item.
I was pretty hungry after a stress filled day, so I ordered plenty of food. I started things off with an order of the Vietnamese Fried Egg rolls. They were crispy, light, and tasty. The order came with three, which was a perfect portion just for myself.

Next, I ordered the Combination Lo Mein. It consisted of noodles, chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetables, including a personal favorite of mine, bok choi. Bok choi is a flavorful leafy vegetable with a fibrous stalk and leaves that taste like horseradish. The dish was seasoned well, and was very tasty.

Finally, I ordered a Rare Beef Pho. This soup consisted of a light broth, sliced rare beef, and shallots. The broth tasted like ginger, but aside from that, it was a bit bland for my taste. Honestly, it was nothing that adding some hoisin sauce and sriracha couldn’t fix. The soup was served with a side of alfalfa sprouts, some leafy vegetable which I didn’t ingest, and a couple of lime slices. Adding the sprouts and lime juice also complimented the broth.

Altogether, getting the three dishes and a beer only cost me about $27. I consider this a very good deal. As hungry as I was, I ended up having another meal in leftovers.

I would recommend Mike’s Café to anyone who enjoys Vietnamese food, specifically, or Asian food in general. It’s especially convenient to students since it’s located very close to the UA Little Rock campus.

Overall, the food was tasty, the service was friendly, the price is affordable, and the food came out more quickly than I had anticipated. Out of five stars, I would give Mike’s Café a solid 4.25.

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