February 4, 2015 – 6:07 pm | No Comment

There has been an interesting development on campus, as the higher-ups at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock are in the process of hiring a Founding Dean for the new UALR Honors College. The …

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Kingsman – James Bond meets Comic Books (Shashank Avvaru & Zach Martin)(1st edit GF)(In)
February 19, 2015 – 3:16 pm | No Comment

You can never go wrong with spy thrillers. Put a charming agent in the midst of a government conspiracy, add in car chases and slick action, and throw in a few supermodels … You have …

College Classics: Accepted (Shashank Avvaru & Zach Martin) (1st edit GF)(In)
February 19, 2015 – 3:16 pm | No Comment

We, the writers of College Classics, are always looking for movies that portray lives of students accurately with heart and emotion. When we discovered Accepted, an underrated 2006 comedy about a group of college rejects …

Book Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler (1st edit GF)(2nd edit MR)(In)
February 19, 2015 – 3:15 pm | No Comment
Book Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler (1st edit GF)(2nd edit MR)(In)

“People are their most beautiful when they are laughing, crying, dancing, playing, telling the truth, and being chased in a fun way” says Amy Poehler in her book Yes Please, when talking about her life …

Mel and Monty return to comedy (1st edit GF)(2nd edit MR)(In)
February 19, 2015 – 3:15 pm | No Comment

Louis CK, Jimmy Fallon, Patton Oswalt, Lewis Black all suck when they are compared to Monty Python and Mel Brooks. We truly live in a blessed time because both of these greats have graced us …

Justifying Justified
February 10, 2015 – 2:35 am | No Comment

Zachary Martin Contributing
“Dear Lord, before we eat this meal we ask forgiveness for our sins, especially Boyd- who blew up a black church with a rocket launcher, and afterwards he shot his associate Jared …

An opening word: Let’s talk money
February 10, 2015 – 2:33 am | No Comment

I’m thinking of a number between one and twenty, can you guess it? If you said 18, then you were right.  The national debt happens to be the same number, but add trillion to the …

Tech Corner: Smart Watches
November 24, 2014 – 1:49 pm | One Comment

The market has already seen the release of Android’s smart watch the Moto 360. Coming spring of 2015, the long awaited Apple Watch will hit the market. The Moto 360 has a price of $249.99 …

Space: The Final Frontier
November 24, 2014 – 1:49 pm | One Comment

Christopher Nolan’s new film, Interstellar, is set in the not too distant future where mankind has made planet Earth uninhabitable. Hoping to save the human race, a group of astronauts leave Earth to look for …

The Multi-Talented Jon Bellion
November 24, 2014 – 1:49 pm | Comments Off

Jon Bellion is a name relatively unknown outside of the realm known as the music industry. However, within that world he is a star on the rise. Born December 26, 1990, in Long Island, New …

College Classics: Swingers
November 24, 2014 – 1:48 pm | Comments Off

Swingers is two hours of pure perfection. It is a perfect representation of a young, heartbroken man. It is perfectly light, self-depreciative, philosophical and sweet. It is also, more than anything, the perfect representation of …

TV Discovery: Penny Dreadful
November 24, 2014 – 1:48 pm | Comments Off

Victorian-era London has a special place not just in the history books but in our hearts as well. It is the starting point of modernization, the birthplace of great literature and also, for better or …

An opening word: Homelessness in Arkansas
November 24, 2014 – 1:47 pm | Comments Off

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be homeless?
The motto of journalism has long been very simple: seek truth. But what is the truth about homelessness in Arkansas? It’s true, Little Rock may dwarf …

Fiddling around with music and love
November 24, 2014 – 1:44 pm | Comments Off

A Donaghey Scholar has been making headlines in the state for her musical talents and now she’s making music, literally and figuratively, with a fellow student.
Freshman Emily Phillips of Mountain View has won various competitions …