February 26, 2016 – 3:23 pm | Comments Off

The excitement was on at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock on Friday, Feb. 12. A new sorority was announced at a probate that night. Sigma Lambda Gamma made their debut on the Arkansas …

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Trojan Trending Topics: Do you put up holiday decorations before or after Thanksgiving?
November 20, 2016 – 8:47 pm | Comments Off

Henry Owens
Major: Undeclared
“For my family, it’s really a toss-up. Sometimes we forget that Christmas is even a thing, and sometimes, we’re putting up the tree while we’re getting trick-or-treaters. It really depends.”
Mikaela Dorrell
Major: Elementary Education
“My …

The Struggle is Real: From L.A. to L.R.
November 20, 2016 – 8:45 pm | Comments Off

The idea of an out-of-state college student isn’t a foreign one. Many students travel far away from home to further their education. Still, when people here find out where I’m from, they are surprised. I …

Job Opportunities Nov. 16
November 20, 2016 – 8:45 pm | Comments Off

Conference Services Assistant
Conference Services is looking for an assistant to help with events. The duties of this job include: setting up rooms, cleaning them, setting up media for the events and other assignments. You must …

Did You Know? Football may be more dangerous than previously thought
November 20, 2016 – 8:44 pm | Comments Off

Football season is upon us, and, if you keep up with campus news, you know that UALR students are currently petitioning to start our own football team. The idea of Little Rock having a team …

Science Says: Red Brain versus Blue Brain
November 10, 2016 – 8:27 pm | Comments Off

Well, it’s official folks, Donald Trump will be the president of the United States starting Jan. 20, 2017. The news has left one part of the country celebrating Trump’s victory, and the other part angrily …

Trojans’ Trending Topics: “What are your plans for Thanksgiving break?” By: Mikayla Harris
November 10, 2016 – 7:54 pm | Comments Off

Larry Dicus
Information Science Major
“When I go back home for Thanksgiving, I plan to just eat and sleep.”
Kyrsten Younge
Middle School Education Major
“I’m planing on going to see my family in Jonesboro. We’re going to play some …

Job opportunities on campus
October 30, 2016 – 12:17 am | Comments Off

EIT Office Assistant
EIT is seeking a work-study student for an office assistant position. The job will consist of answering phones, filing, running errands on campus and other duties as assigned. To apply contact …

Did You Know? Halloween is more Irish than St. Patrick’s Day by Kyra Hawkins
October 29, 2016 – 1:01 pm | Comments Off

Halloween is an exceptionally fun time of year, no doubt. Getting to dress up, attending numerous parties, and having an excuse to scare the pants off friends and strangers alike is a delight not as …

Trojans’ Trending Topics: “What are your plans for this Halloween?”
October 28, 2016 – 8:40 pm | Comments Off

Marian Douglas
Department: Chemistry
“… The weekend before Halloween I’m going to a Halloween/Birthday party for my very best friend… And then on actual Halloween day… when I finish and get home at 8 o’clock, if there’s …

Job opportunities on campus
October 19, 2016 – 12:02 pm | Comments Off

Assistant to the Library Director
The Ottenheimer Library is looking for an Assistant to the Library Director. This position is a work study position. Duties of this job will be: working from 8:00 a.m.- 6:00p.m. Monday …

Sign hello to the Sign Language Club by Mikayla Harris
October 19, 2016 – 12:01 pm | Comments Off

Sigma Lambda Kappa (SLK) is a registered student organization at UALR run by American Sign Language students. SLK, also known as the Sign Language Club, promotes the use of American Sign Language (ASL) by inviting …

Did You Know? Shaving away the truth behind shaving by Kyra Hawkins
October 19, 2016 – 12:00 pm | Comments Off

Everyone has heard of crazy beauty trends from the extremes of foot binding to anything related to Kylie Jenner. But one trend you might not have thought of is shaving. Shaving has become a regular, …

Trojans’ Trending Topics
October 19, 2016 – 12:00 pm | Comments Off

How do you feel about not having a Fall Break this semester?
NaTesha Robinson
Major: Nursing
“I’m very upset because I was really looking forward to it. I was going to go home and spend time with my …

The Struggle is Real: “My head says gym, but my heart says tacos.”
October 13, 2016 – 2:48 am | Comments Off

With the cold weather season approaching, a lot of us are heading to the gym to get a head start on our beach bodies for the summer. I always feel productive when I set …