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Top 12 Reasons to go to Summer School

UALR College of Business

Need a reason to take some UALR classes this summer? Check out this list and make your plans today.

During my first couple of years in college out of high school, I chose to stay on campus for the summer because 1) my boyfriend (now husband) was staying, 2) I could knock out tough classes, and 3) I wouldn’t have to move back home again.

Our office is in the middle of a summer enrollment campaign, so I asked campus recruiters and academic advisers why UALR students like to take summer classes.

Their top 12 reasons:

  1. Move up their graduation date
  2. Boost their GPA for grad school acceptance or to renew their lottery scholarship
  3. Study abroad
  4. Fit a couple of classes in their summer work schedule
  5. Get a jump start on fall semester
  6. Take some classes while home from another university
  7. See their professors in Hawaiian shirts
  8. Be around for Riverfest, Arkansas Travelers games, and summer concerts
  9. Improve chances to get a better job
  10. Get pre-requisite courses out of the way
  11. Focus on a difficult course
  12. Take a class for fun


Now’s the time to plan for summer classes. Apply for admission, check out the class schedule, and get your summer off to a great start.

And still true today, summer school is a good excuse to hang out with friends and avoid moving back in with the parents.

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