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Top 5 (Other) Reasons to Attend GradFest

Snacks, career advice, cap/gown orders … and mustache tips? Seniors, check out GradFest this Wednesday and Thursday for this and more!

This week’s guest post is from Aresh Assadi, a counselor with Counseling and Career Planning Services. There are several obvious reasons to attend GradFest (order your cap and gown, graduation announcements, class ring), but Aresh shares a few others you might not know:

Eating popcorn

5 With all of the time and money you spent at UALR, you might us well get some free popcorn and candy out the deal. NOTE: $10 dollar butter fee on popcorn … j/k.

Image courtesy of Fetmano.

4 Hair and beard styling tips will be available at the Counseling and Career Planning Services table. (Not by the guy above, but this guy —>)

3 You will be able to catch up on all your favorite reality TV shows and social media status updates with all the time you will save at Gradfest.

2 Did I already mention all the POPCORN that was available?

Drumroll please … the Number One reason you should head over to GradFest this week:

Caps and gowns

It will be your last chance to tell us how you truly feel about  our services on your graduation survey … please keep comments positive … my boss will be reading them!!!

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