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What Class Inspired You?

Everyone has that one course that makes an impact far beyond the classroom. We’d like to know what that class was for you.

We all have that one class. The one that provoked us, opened our minds to a new way of thinking, frustrated us to no end sometimes, but also inspired.

Maybe it’s the one that we just couldn’t part with the textbook – and we all know what a big deal that is. Maybe it’s the one that turned you on to your major, or the one that solidified your choice of degree.

Maybe it was the professor’s approach to learning.

Or maybe it was just plain fun (hey, some of us love writing 25-page papers and team projects).

We’d like to hear what class that was for you this semester at UALR. Tell us what the class was and what impact it made on you.

Sharing with us won’t help you on your final exams this week (sorry, we don’t have that kind of pull), but it could get you a prize.

And who doesn’t love prizes?

So leave your response in the comments below, and we’ll pick the best of the bunch. Have a great rest of the semester!

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  • Christina Cordell

    The class that inspired me most was Dr. Kuykendall’s HIED 7351, Intro to College Student Affairs. Through studying the various aspects of Student Affairs, this class confirmed that working in higher education, specifically residence life, is what I really have a passion for doing.

  • David Wright

    That’s easy. It would have to be Algebra. I am a 50 year old non traditional student and have not had any math classes since 1982 and even then I was not very good at math. Because of my fear of failure I put algebra off till my senior year. Thanks to Ms. Watson and the Mac 2 lab I am happy to say that I have a hole new outlook on math and I completed the course with an A for the semester.My Confidence in myself has increased 3 fold and I am convinced now that I can be successful and acheave anything I put my mind to. Bring on Stats, I’m ready.

  • Linda Holloway

    The classes and department which inspired me the most is the Applied Design department. Upon arriving in Applied Design I meet Mia Hall (wood shop teacher) and David Clemons (metals teacher).

    Through out the five years I have been in the wood/metals classes it has been an amazing journey. As I worked on finishing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in wood/metals; I lose five of my family members, fought through sickness and depression. The sorrow was more than I could bear. However because of Mia, David, Win and the students in Applied Design I made it through the pain. Their love and compassion helped me stand strong and encouraged me to keep going.

    I know without their and commitment and love I would not be graduating on December 20, 2012. Thank you God for my new family in the Applied Design department.

    Forever grateful,


  • Kassey Cline

    My favorite class this semester was Ethics and Society with Dr. Rochelle Green. While I knew I was taking a philosophy class, I had no idea how much it would blow my mind. Everyday I would go into class ready to learn and everyday I would leave with my mind racing. This class has definitely changed my outlook on my whole life and I am so grateful that Dr. Green was my professor!

  • Muhammad Baig Awan

    Well, I have never been that much excited about probability course, but this time I studied Stochastic Processes and Random Variables, I didn’t expect how much it would inspire me towards research. I am not kinda studious person but it made me for a while, that was not due it its difficulty level but it really inspired me and I studied probability concepts by myself too. Dr. Nidhal did a great job to let me understand this course and as a graduate student I feel confident now towards my research.

  • Michael Schackel

    I have been an engineer for 20 years, so when I went back to school, I saw that I would have to take Intro to Visual Art, on-line no less. Art? Pffft! What am I going to do with art appreciation? I couldn’t have been more wrong. First, Professor Turan made art easier to understand by posting lessons that were of her narrating slides about the chapter. I felt that this was very effective in conveying art education in an on-line environment. Second, I found that I really enjoyed looking at art and understanding the structures used to create it. As a class, we had to visit the art gallery in Little Rock, and Professor Turan made it an interesting visit. After this class, I began to understand why some things visually appealed to me, and why other pieces didn’t. I really have developed an appreciation for art.

  • April Limke

    That’s easy. It was African American Literature with Dr. James Levernier. First, he is an amazing professor with more knowledge in his pinky toe than I have in my entire brain. He is accessible to students and makes African American Literature, and the history behind it, accessible to all students as well. The information and stories that were presented in class have contributed to dinner table discussions with my family on a weekly basis in my home, and will continue to influence my appreciation for literature and the way I filter information for the rest of my life. I feel it should be a required course for all majors UALR. It is life-changing.

  • John Auwen

    I had two classes that inspired me and found difficult in the amount of work required by assignments and reading the text, as well as critical thinking and observing myself in more depth. My Advance Public Speaking class and Conflict Management class, both which required me to argue for my grade (A), in an academic case analysis paper. Getting involved with my community through public speaking, finding out how to manage conflict in my interpersonal relationships and other relationships in Conflict management both challenged and rewarded me in various ways. Communication is very important to every ones’ existence, yet we tend to think that anyone can do it. There are many ways to enhance your communication and add quality to your relationships and with in your self. The process is ongoing and at many times, not suppose to be easy, yet with awareness, practice, skills, and knowledge, we and I can all be better communicators. I appreciate all that I have learned from these classes and have applied what I have retained to my own life. 😉 Warmest regard to all that all read this….Keep communicating!!!

  • Mona Ford

    The course that inspired me the most was my American Sign Language I course. In 2009, I signed up for ASL to satisfy my foreign language requirement. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the language and the Deaf Culture. My ASL I instructor, Ms. Barbara Northup, not only taught us the language, she also helped us learn to appreciate it. By the time the my first semester of studying the language was over, I knew I had to learn more. Not because I had six more hours needed to complete my foreign language requirement, but because I WANTED to learn more. I ended up minoring in Sign Language Studies. I am completing my Master’s of Education in Learning Systems Technology this spring so that I can focus on developing ASL curriculum. Ms. Northup past away earlier this year, succumbing to her third battle with breast cancer. She truly was a gem, and I am grateful to UALR for offering ASL as a foreign language.

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