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The How I Work: Summer Edition continues with insight into a College of Business adviser – Louis Scivally.

Job title Educational Counselor with the College of Business. The unofficial title is an Academic Adviser for Economics, Finance, International Business, and Marketing majors. I assist students within these majors as they come to UALR as a new student, as a current student, and all the way to graduation. This includes preparing students for registration each semester, assisting them in planning out the classes on their degree plan, answering all kinds of campus questions, and preparing them for graduation. There are many other duties I enjoy, like helping students connect with student organizations, recruiting new students, and maintaining the website for our Center for Student and Career Services.

College of Business adviser

Where do you work? I work in the Center for Student and Career Services in the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Business and Economic Development, Suite 109C.

Describe the view from your desk From my desk, I can see out into our suite. In my office, I’m surrounded by computer screens and manila folders showing student data. I also have a bookshelf filled with memories from 10 years of student service helping me to remember why I do what I do.

What do you listen to at work? One of the biggest joys of working on a college campus is the sound of college students planning their successes, handling today’s challenges, as well as dreaming about the future. I don’t listen to music because I’m prone to sing along and others in the office don’t enjoy it as much as I do.

What is your favorite to-do list manager? I’m a plain ole post-it kinda guy for new to-do items. But ultimately I will put them onto a yellow pad or a half-sheet of paper.

What is your work schedule? I work from 8 to 5 seeing appointments and managing an active email account. I am mostly found at my desk, but I try to take a couple of small breaks so I can talk with students in the lobby when the opportunity arises.


Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without? I can usually be found with a steno pad writing out to-do lists or jotting down a new idea for student development in the College of Business.

PC or Mac? I’m an avid Mac user at home, but work on a PC in the office.

cob louis

Favorite workday snack? One of the snacks I enjoy at work is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the folks in our Business Brewing coffee and snack shop in the Reynolds Center for Business.

Lastly, how is your job different during the summer months? The summer months are filled with helping new and returning students make plans for the summer and fall. A big part of the summer is helping new students at Trojan Transformation make their way into the College of Business.

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