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One Thing You MUST Do While on a College Campus Visit

Planning a college campus visit

Visiting a college campus soon? To get a good feel for the campus, find out what you MUST do on your visit.


When it comes to recruitment, we won’t lie. We’re like Uncle Sam’s better-looking, more fun, younger brother – and we really want you. But so will a lot of our contemporaries. Our not-as-fun, slightly funnier-looking contemporaries.

uncle sam

At the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, we have a great location, UALR student/campus life is fantastic, and the activities available in the capital city around the school provide plenty of activity and entertainment (perfect for students looking to learn more or just blow off steam). But – we digress. We know we are probably a little biased (only a little). Sorry, not sorry.


To get a good feel for our campus, or any college campus, here are the things you need to do when you visit:

1. Talk to students you see hanging around


Visiting a specific department? Talk to the students you see in the lecture halls, offices, or study rooms. Get their candid opinion of what the department is like. Another good spot to visit and chat up current students? The Ottenheimer Library.

2. Take in the atmosphere

UALR campus

Atmosphere can be one of the most underrated, overlooked aspects of choosing a college. There may be prestige attached to a university or a lot of accolades for any given number of things. But how did the people seem on campus? What was the undertone of their interactions? Did they seem content? Eager to learn? You can tell a lot about how a university treats its students just by observing behavior in say, the student center or hanging around in the courtyard. Trust your gut instinct. You’ll know if it is right for you.

3. Grab some grub

UALR dining

Mmm…bacon. Food is essential to any college student’s life. You might bond with your roommate over a shared love of late-night Oreos, or grab a slice of pizza to help you conquer your chemistry homework. Stop by the campus’s food court or cafeteria to get a taste of what you will be eating while away from home. UALR even has a late-night dining option called Trojan Grill that offers a wide-range menu of burgers, sandwiches, vegetarian items, and salads.

4. Attend an event

trojan ball

ualr basketball
Live the life of a student and attend a sporting event or Campus Life event. After all, once you’re attending college, you’ll be spending a lot of your time (when you’re not hitting the books) at the free activities going on. Yes, we said free. UALR students can attend all Trojan basketball games for free. So check out the schedule and join the student section while cheering on that team in maroon.

5. Take it online

UALR campus tour

One of the best ways to find out more about the campus is to look around on social media. You can do a simple search for the university’s hashtag to see what other people are saying about the school. You can visit The Fountain for an inside look at all things #UALR. And if you have a question, tag the university or specific department, or just use the hashtag in your tweet/Instagram pic – that is a great and quick way to get a response.

Of course, don’t forget to snap a picture while you’re on the campus tour; you just might see your post on The Fountain.

This blog might be titled ‘One Thing You MUST Do While on a College Campus Visit,’ but we just gave you five. But really, the main point is this: have fun.


Come onto campus with an open mind and a willingness to meet new people and listen to what they have to say. You will save yourself so much trouble (and a possible transfer) in the long run, if you are open to all the possibilities of what college can be like.

Check out the schedule of UALR campus tours and register for your visit.

Have any tips on what to do when visiting a college campus? Drop us a line at the UALR Facebook page or tweet at us. You can also leave a comment below!



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