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What NOT to bring to college

what not to bring to college

What if I bring something unnecessary or even, restricted!? No need to panic. Here is a list of things NOT to bring to college.

You’re starting to think about what to bring to college. You’ve met your new roommate (or suite mates) and you’ve discussed who is bringing the essential mini-fridge and that you’ll both have your laptops.

But then you start to think, what if I bring something unnecessary or even, gasp, restricted!? No need to panic. With help from UALR Housing, here is a list of things NOT to bring to your new home away from home.

Candles/Incense – Everyone loves the smell of pumpkin spice but you’ll have to leave the candles behind. They are a fire hazard.

Pets – Sorry, you’ll have to leave Fido at home. Pets aren’t allowed due to others’ allergies and sanitation/safety issues. A small, harmless fish is allowed, however.

sad dog misses you


Command Strips (or any other adhesive that will peel paint or tear the wall)  Housing does not condone ANY products to be hung on the walls because they can cause damage – and then the student will have to pay for it.


Wireless Routers or Access Points – No need! These can negatively affect the on-campus internet access also.

Space Heaters – These are a fire hazard. Leave them at home, but go ahead and pack the snuggie.

Grills/Deep fryer – Because of the potential fire hazard and limited ventilation, cooking with grease or oil is not allowed.

Plug-In Air Fresheners – These are a fire hazard, especially the oil based ones. Also, the scents can be pretty strong and can irritate others’ allergies.



Darts/Dart Boards Ouch! These could cause an injury (eyepatch, anyone?), not to mention they can damage the walls. Housing has not issued a rule on Nerf guns, however….


Exercise Equipment  You’ll have free access to the campus gym, so no need to pack your Bowflex. Small equipment up to five pounds IS allowed.

There you have it! Fall classes are right around the corner, so stay tuned for the list of must-have items!

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