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Top 5 Signs You Should Transfer Here

Maybe you should re-think where you’re at. (And UALR would be happy to have you!)

You picked your school, you’ve arrived, and you’re trying to settle in.

But because life is most definitely the ultimate sneaker-upper of ‘PSYCH’ (plus an annoying bop on the nose), the one word that keeps swimming around in your head is transfer.’ 

Here are 5 signs that you should transfer colleges. (Ahem. We’d just like to mention here at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, we have an excellent Office of Transfer Student Services for handling transfer paperwork for students. We’d be happy to have you come on over. Just sayin’).

1. You are at a community college

I'm Done

You have finished all of your general education requirements and are now looking to complete your education at a 4-year university. Come see us! We have several accredited programs to choose from and 6 colleges covering everything from Business to Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The UALR Academic Advising Center is here to help you decide what you want your field of study to be.

2. You start to feel stifled

Are you done?

Your intuition is sending signals to your brain. WARNING! WARNING! Take a moment to listen to yourself and pinpoint why you are unsatisfied. It could be that your program at your current college isn’t challenging enough. Maybe the social atmosphere at school isn’t fitting your personality like you thought it would. Whatever it is, take a moment to sit down with a mentor or someone you trust to get their take on the situation. You are welcome to call our office to seek more advice on what it would take to transfer, what UALR can better offer you, etc. Don’t let there be danger, Will Robinson!

3. Finances

Single on Valentine's Day

Going along with #2 on this list, sometimes when you’re not getting what you thought or hoped you would (whether that be exposure to different people, creative stimulation, whatever) it’s not worth the money you were willing to pay originally. It’s hard to hold a part-time job to help pay for a fancy program when you don’t think it’s all it is cracked up to be. That part-time job plus time spent in classes might mean that you’re giving up your free time; and, when you are in college, that can be a lot to ask. Chat with our Financial Aid office to see what your options are as a transfer studentWe also offer transfer student scholarships!

4. Regret

Utter Disbelief

When you were making your decision to pick a university, you were so excited! But now that you are at that college, all you feel is regret. You should have gone somewhere with a cool location and awesome student activities (WHAT a coincidence, UALR has both!) Regret is one of the most surefire ways to tell if you have made the right call on colleges or not.  Don’t suffer from FOMO!

5. You become a shut-in

Turkey Coma


Do your activities consist of a visit from the Chinese delivery guy, watching Netflix, and sleeping? We’re not judging…that’s a perfectly fine Saturday. But not a perfectly fine everyday. Your surroundings should stimulate and engage you, whether that be your learning environment or how you enjoy your downtime. Loss of interest in your everyday activities is definitely a sign that something needs to change in your life, and a transfer to a new school may be just the thing.

What do you think are good/bad reasons to transfer? Let us know on our UALR Facebook page or tweet at us. You can also leave a comment below!

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