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Advice for the first week of college

College Advice

We asked, you answered. 16 pieces of advice for the first week of college.

Depending on who you talk to, you will hear all kinds of advice about the first week of class. Everything from, “Eat a good breakfast!” (thanks, Mom), to “Read your textbook!” (courtesy of most professors).

But what would veteran students tell you?

Here are 16 pieces of advice from UALR students who have already experienced their first week of college.

Advice for the first week of college

advice for collegeDon’t buy books until after the first day of class. – Max @maximillian_94

Walk to all your classes before you actually have them. That way you’ll know exactly where they are and you won’t be late! – Victoria @ladylily92

I wish I had brought a shower curtain. – Thomas

Pick out your clothes for the whole week, and keep the outfits together. Keep your backpack in the same designated area when you’re not using it. Nothing is worse than waking up to realize your favorite shirt is dirty or you’ve misplaced your backpack! @skyray93

advice for college
Be organized or know your priorities. – @Jinsun_lee

If you don’t know anyone on campus, go to your RA’s programs (actually go), so you can meet your floor mates. You might end up having classes with them. This way on your first day, you’ll have someone to walk with and you’re not the awkward freshman. – @30sandyy

Bring a water bottle to class! Cold water keeps you awake, attentive, and hydrated. Also, you’ll burn fewer flex dollars on coffee and coke. – @lbphilroy

Getting involved in the campus activities helps build friendships. Get out and socialize! – @ivyously_attraktive20

Actually create a plan for the week. Even if it’s not detailed, a plan will help keep you from missing any due dates. – Sarah

advice for collegeGet involved on campus, introduce yourself to your professors, and stay focused. Don’t forget the reason you’re here — you’re here to learn. – @rayebans

A planner is so helpful! Especially if you have a lot going on. It will help keep you straight with all the dates of assignments and exams. – @_lela_2011_

Use the first week of classes as a time to get to know your classmates. It’s nice to know people in your classes for when you are late or miss class. Also, go to Housing or UPC events. Not only are they fun and FREE, but you’ll meet more people. – @smileitstaylor_93

Find your classes the day before and check your schedule. Some classes move and you WILL be in the wrong class confused. Make all the friends you can; they can help! – @meckensie1

advice for college Make time to study, exercise, and sleep. Balance all of those daily routines to keep an active student life. Staying fit and getting the proper amount of sleep is essential to studying and keeping those grades where you want them to be. – @4trevor

Use your meal plan. Be social. GET A PLANNER. – @zacc_D

I advise students – especially science and math majors – to go ahead and do the 4-year plan. Get their 4-year schedule mapped out. Of course it’s going to change, but it gives you a great visual. You’ll see what classes you should take in order to complement with other classes. Spread your general education courses throughout your years! This prevents having a top-heavy course-load when you become a junior.  – @jbthemodel

There is still time to register for the fall 2014 semester — regular registration ends August 15 and classes start on August 18. Undergrads can get started by applying here.

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