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6 Southern Etiquette Rules that Also Apply to College

etiquette rules

These rules go hand-in-hand with some basic etiquette rules for college (and you don’t have to be from the South to put them to good use).

Well, hey there! Kick off your tennies, and sit a spell on our porch! You can get comfy with a big ol’ gulp of that gorgeous elixir known as sweet tea.

Here in the south, we are proud of everything – our food (fried okra and collard greens, anyone?)

Our sports…

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But most importantly, our manners (it ain’t called southern hospitality for nothing).

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People from the south can be as refreshing as a cool glass of sweet iced tea on a simmering summer’s day. Our hair is as big as our hearts (you don’t get hair that big, BTW, without the aid of some insane humidity. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven!).

We want to help you during your years at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. There are etiquette rules here in the south that are just second nature. These rules go hand-in-hand with some basic etiquette rules for college. They’ll help anyone through school – and you don’t have to be from the south to put them to good use.

Honey, we’ll just shut our mouths if you’re not convinced by the end of this conversation, but we’re sure you’ll see it from our perspective.

1. Share Everything You Can

You can share clothes, usually

Whether it’s loose change for the washer and dryer or the chargers to any and all of your electronic gadgets , we GARE-ON-TEEEE that you will eventually need to borrow these exact same things at some point down the road. Don’t be stingy! It’s practically the other golden rule in the south – share with others, others will share with you. This will also come in handy when you need to borrow class notes, an article of clothing or a cup of milk from your neighbor!

2. Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry

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Even though this means something different in the south, we’re actually talking about laundry here… FOR PETE’S SAKE, don’t be the roommate that doesn’t keep tabs on your own stuff and how it affects those around you. The biggest roommate battles start over something as innocent as leaving your laundry hanging out for hours in the washer or the dryer, or not cleaning up after yourself in general. Your mama isn’t here – make her proud. Be respectful of your roomies. (Sometimes, it’s helpful to lay out some ground rules first).

3. Be Punctual

Here in the south, we might like to slow some things down a bit sometimes, but we don’t like to have our time wasted. Sarcasm is also a southern favorite – nothing can be worse your professor booming, “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!” when you stroll in late, or worse, only show up a handful of times to class. Don’t be disrespectful of your time, your classmates’ time or, heaven forbid, your teacher’s time – be punctual and be prepared. Check out the schedule of classes before registering and create your sleep patterns to ensure a timely routine. Don’t take an 8 a.m. class if you are a night owl – likewise, if you are a Chipper Charlie or Dapper Daisy in the morning, it’s best not to let your most productive hours go to waste with evening classes. 

4. Don’t Laugh at a Fellow Student

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It’s rather unbecoming to laugh at anybody, but this especially holds true if someone is having a difficult time answering a question, or has a different opinion than yours. It’s fine to disagree – in fact, classes would be pretty ho-hum without the spice of variety. But remember to use your manners, and not be obnoxious. It’s poor form. Plus, these just may be the students you end up befriending at Campus Life events or while hanging out at the Ottenheimer Library. 

5. Be a Good Listener and Turn Off All Your Fancy Gadgetry

Listening is an art. A highly underrated one in our opinion. Southerners are always willing to have a spirited debate over, well, anything! Being a good listener helps, whether you are trying to understand that mathematics equation or trying to tutor or mentor somebody else at UALR. You can’t give your professor or another student your 1-on-1 attention if that special somebody keeps textin’ you. And don’t ever get caught engaged in the ultimate sign of disrespect – showing your boredom by surfing the internets! *gasp!*

6. Don’t Be a Mooch

Southerners take a lot of pride in helping folks out, lending a hand where it’s needed.

This goes in line with rule #1 – southerners will give you the shirt off their backs. Quite literally. Don’t forget to return the favor. Nobody likes a mooch, or the mooch’s close cousin, the beggar. Don’t be the person that never pays it forward. UALR and its students will open their heart to you – we have a heckuva lotta fun here on this campus. You’re darn skippy, we want to share it with you! Go here to enroll today.

Y’all come back now, ya hear…to our UALR Facebook or Twitter page! We’d love to hear what you think is part of good college etiquette. You can also leave a comment below.

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