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College Convos: Lifehacks to Make School Life Easier

college lifehacks

Two college students chat about some super helpful lifehacks. You’ll never look at binder clips the same.

Oh hai! Fancy meeting you here. I’m just walking back from the student center

So you’ve enrolled at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, too? (You haven’t? Oh, no big. Go here).

Lucky for you, there are so many DIY ways to make your life on-the-go in Little Rock and in UALR Housing a little bit easier, from 1-cup coffee brewing stations, like Keurig, to make-and-take mini-blenders, like Nutribullet. (Speaking of which, I’m hungry. Wonder what’s for lunch on the UALR dining plan?)

You seem like you would be a great fit for the student body here at UALR. College is an exciting, scary, exhilarating time, and UALR has helped me to make a smooth transition into student. I’ve also discovered some lifehacks, if you will, to help make student life a little easier.


I’m loading up my Pandora, for primo studying time once I get my textbooks, with non-lyrical stations like ’solo piano’ or ‘film scores’ so I can have some background noise that won’t distract me.


Donaghey Student Center

Speaking of distractions, I found this cool app that blocks sites while studying – a must-have for any prospective UALR student.

While we are here by the Donaghey Student Center, I also wanted to check out the Fitness Center for those breaks I have in-between studying. Working on fitness helps lower stress, you know. Or I could do these awesome 4-minute Tabata workouts if I don’t want to leave my dorm.


Exciting, right?!

You look like you have questions. Why do I what? Oh! Why do I have so many binder clips? I’m on my way to West Hall. I just moved in, and binder clips are a good way to keep various cords on your desk organized.


Also, I’m about to chunk this iron – I won’t actually need it. For getting out wrinkles in a quick fix, use your hair dryer! Straighteners also work good for collars and cuffs. I have a lot of stuff! I need to utilize as much space as I can, and an ironing board and such take up space.


Somebody in Admissions and Registration also recommended these cool academic apps to help with studying and scheduling and stuff.

You look a bit overwhelmed.

Jenna Marbles

Need a hug? Go here.

And remember, UALR wants to help you in any way we can. Classes start August 18. Have any questions? You can visit the UALR Facebook page or tweet at them. Or leave a comment below!

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