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How to Find a Military Friendly University

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How can you tell if a university goes above and beyond to make education accessible to military members?

Our troops make many sacrifices to serve our country. It only makes sense for higher education institutions to welcome them with open arms.

But did you know that some universities go above and beyond to make education accessible to military members? These added benefits are highly geared toward those on active duty, in the UALR military friendly schoolguard or reserves, or an honorably discharged veteran. These schools receive an official Military Friendly® School designation from Victory Media – the leading organization in helping the military and civilian worlds work together.

By attending a Military Friendly® School, current and former military personnel can receive perks like grants, waived fees, class credits, and personal guidance from people whose sole job is to help military students succeed on campus.

How can you tell if a university is one of the awesome institutions? Read on!

UALR military friendly school

The school has a designated military service director or department

A true military-friendly school will have a person (or a full department) dedicated to helping military students with admission, benefits, enrollment and more. This institution realizes the needs of veterans and active duty students are different than other students. A process is in place to make sure someone who understands the concerns and challenges of service members needs addresses those needs.

The Veteran Student Success office at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is the department dedicated to helping military students.

UALR military friendly school

The school provides financial benefits for veterans

From waived fees to automatic in-state tuition, a range of financial breaks and benefits are available to veterans and service members at a military-friendly school. A university that caters to military students will also help them receive grants, scholarships or on-campus jobs to pay for their education.

At UALR, the application fee is waived, among other financial benefits.

The school is a part of military-specific associations

If a university truly invests its time and resources into military students, it will be a part of organizations such as Servicemember Opportunity Colleges (SOC). The SOC, along with the Department of Defense, Active and Reserved Components and 15 other higher education associations, works to connect military personnel with the numerous education opportunities available to them.

UALR military friendly school

The school works around the unusual schedules of military students

By offering expedited course schedules and online classes, military-friendly schools make it easier to complete courses. This is perfect for service members, especially active duty, who may be re-stationed or given a new assignment at a moment’s notice.

UALR military friendly school

The school allows military education credits to be counted toward a degree

Many service members receive countless hours of education during their military career. A university that truly caters to veterans will recognize these hours of hard work by allowing them to count toward a college degree.

UALR military friendly school

Military student organizations and events are active on campus

The ultimate sign that a university is military-friendly is the active presence of a current and former military community on campus. A school that has cultivated such a community truly makes military students a priority, and networking opportunities abound for those involved.

At UALR, the student organization, Students Affected by the Military (SAM), has a mission of fostering and developing support and a social network for UALR students affected by the military.

UALR military friendly school

Addressing the unique needs of military students may take a little extra work on a university’s part. However, all military-friendly schools agree on one thing: putting forth every bit of effort to have more dedicated, intelligent, hardworking service members on campus is worth it.

UALR is proud to be one of those schools that go above and beyond for its military students. We’ve been named a Military Friendly® School for six years, and we have every intention of continuing that streak. You can learn more about UALR’s efforts to reach out to military students.

UALR military friendly school

If you’re a military student, let us know your favorite part of attending a military-friendly school by commenting below or posting your comment on social media along with #UALR.

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