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Best Dorm DIYs

washi tape

Dorm life is a blast, but a warning for incoming freshmen: You probably won’t be too impressed with your new digs when you first walk in. The bed is might be smaller than you’re used to; you’ll be sharing a lot of your space with a roommate; and aesthetically, the furniture isn’t anything to write home about. But, the good news about your bare bones dorm: it’s a blank slate. Your dorm is an empty canvas just waiting for your look to be splashed all over it. Here are a few DIY projects you can do to make your dorm a space all your own, and a true “home away from home.”

Washi tape

washi tapewashi tapewashi tape

These little strips of magic can do wonders in giving a colorful, custom look to an otherwise drab dorm. Line your bookshelves with the tape, create frames around posters, and make unique designs on your wall.

Stenciled curtains

stenciled curtains

Curtains can really make a room, but nicer, unique panels can get expensive fast. The solution? Make your own. Grab some cheap panels in a color you like, some complimentary paint and a cool stencil. Now you have all the tools to create a custom look for your windows at an affordable price. We love this tutorial here


Marquee Letter

marquee letter

String-lights in a dorm room create a soft, cozy glow, but why not take it a step further and make your own marquee letter or sign? This high-end looking DIY is surprisingly easy and inexpensive.

Faux Agate Coasters

Beautiful agate coasters can be seen all over Pinterest and Tumblr. But if you want the real thing, keep in mind that a set of four can cost anywhere from $50 to $100! Most college kids don’t have that kind of dough to drop on a whim. But you still want a place to set your Sonic Happy Hour Route 44, so that’s where this DIY comes in.

faux agate coasters

Gold Alphabet Magnets

gold alphabet magnetsThe mini fridge is a dorm room staple, but it’s often overlooked as a spot for décor. Deck your fridge out with cool magnets, like these golden letters here


A living plant instantly brightens up any space. Put your greenery in a cute planter that matches your design scheme and it’ll add that much more warmth to your space. We love these three the best: the macramé planter design, the gold leaf design,, and this doe and deer design Hearty succulents are an especially good choice since they don’t need much attention and aren’t finicky about weather conditions.


We know the dorm won’t look like much when you walk in, but with a little elbow grease and a few DIYs, you’ll have a space you’ll love calling home for the year. Do you enjoy DIY projects? We want to hear from you! Post your DIY along with #UALR or tell us about it in the comments.

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