STEM Starters

Project STEM Starters in funded by a five-year Research and Development Jacob K. Javits Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Principal Investigators: Dr. Alicia Cotabish and Dr. Ann Robinson.

Four (4) major components of Project STEM Starters:

  • Professional Development (STEM Starters Summits and STEM Starters Institutes),
  • Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum
  • Supplemental Materials Development
  • Technical Assistance (Peer Coaching and Evaluation Teams).

STEM Starters is a “scale-up” project based on two gifted education models that produced learning gains in students (William and Mary science curriculum) and in educators (Arkansas Evaluation Initiative in Gifted Education, AEI) in scientifically-based research studies. The project components, goals, objectives and activities focus on increased identification of gifted students from underrepresented groups, increased science learning for gifted students in grades 2 through 5 in five schools, and increased knowledge and skills in gifted education and in the STEM disciplines for their educators.


STEM Blueprints for Biography- George Washington carver- Draft

STEM Elementary Lab Manual darft