Pre-Collegiate Programs

Summer Laureate University for Youth

Summer Laureate provides unique learning experiences for students completing grades K-8. The two-week summer program offers a variety of classes created specifically for advanced learners. From chess to Picasso to Rocketry, course topics include the arts, the humanities and science, math and engineering. Approximately three to four hundred children participate in over thirty-five different courses annually. Established in 1980, Summer Laureate is one of the nation’s longest running university enrichment program for high-ability youth. Program applications are available at the beginning of March every year.


Duke TIP  and TIP Scholars’ Day

Annually, special award ceremonies are held to bring families together so they can celebrate the outstanding achievement of 7th Grade Talent Search participants. Students qualify for recognition ceremonies based on ACT and SAT scores. Qualifying students receive invitations in April.  The ceremony is similar to a graduation ceremony—there is a keynote speaker and honorees are called on stage to receive a commemorative medal.

To coordinate with the Duke TIP Recognition Ceremony, the Center organizes Talent Search Investigations which give students the opportunity to learn about possible careers and fields of study.  Talent Search Investigations are held before the ceremony while parents participate in an informational question and answer session on topics of interest to the families of talented children and adolescents.

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