UA Little Rock 3MT Competition

1. What is the 3MT competition?
3MT stands for 3 minute thesis, is an extended version of an elevator speech competition for students involved in doctoral research and is a competition branded by the University of Queensland, Australia. More information can be found here at the 3MT site. The competition has become popular worldwide, and within Arkansas, Fayetteville and UAMS have hosted 3 MT competitions.

2. Who are eligible to participate?
Doctoral students who have started work on their research and have cleared candidacy exams (or something similar) are eligible.

3. What is the structure of the competition and how many awards are given out?
A preliminary competition is held within every college. There is a first place winner and a runner-up, selected by a panel of judges. A people’s choice winner is picked by the audience. The first place winner advances to the UA Little Rock competition. The people’s choice winner from each college advances to a campus wide Wildcard Final competition and the winner of that competition advances as a wild card entry to the UA Little Rock competition. In case the first place winner is also the people’s choice winner, then the runner up enters the WildCard Final.

4. What are the award levels?

(i) University level competitions: The first place winner and the runner-up of the UA Little Rock competition and the winner of the campus Wildcard Final competition will get awards with a cash value of $600, $400 and $200 respectively. The first place winner will also get an all-expenses paid trip to the annual Council of Southern Graduate Schools 3MT competition as long as they are a registered UA Little Rock student at the time of the competition. These awards will be funded by Graduate School.

(ii) College level competitions: Three awards – 1st place, runners up and People”s choice – will be given. Levels of awards will be decided soon.

5. Will any workshops be held to help interested students prepare for the event?
The Communication Skills Center will host three workshops on Oct 31, Nov 7th and Nov 14th on the following topics:
Adapting to audiences,
Sequencing for success,
Slide Design.

These workshops will also include a component on commercialization of Intellectual property.

Sign up for the workshops to learn more. You can RSVP here to attend the workshops.

6. When will the campus competitions be held and why that timing?
We propose to host a 3MT week (January 22 through January 26, 2018). This is a month before the annual Council of Southern Graduate Schools 3MT competition to be held towards the end of February, 2018.

7. Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Email with your questions.