Important information for the GA hiring process can be found below. Please note that the online graduate appointment form will require an additional log-in using your NetId. You will be asked for your username (email address) to verify the appointment.

  1. Departments will be allocated a position by their heads or deans.
  2. If a department is allocated a position and has a student in mind that is eligible, they may hire that student by completing the online Appointment of Graduate Assistantship form here, then completing an EPAF for the student.
  3. If your department needs to request a new GA position or tuition for a GA, click here.
  4. If a department is allocated a position but does not have a student in mind, they should contact the Graduate School and provide an advertisement for the position. The advertisement should list the job location, duties, and schedule, as well as the contact person for the position. The Graduate School will post it and all other available GA positions here. When the position is filled, please request that the Graduate School remove the advertisement.
  5. Once a student is selected for the position, the department must fill out the online Appointment of Graduate Assistantship form and complete an EPAF for the student.
  6. The graduate school can provide a list of all eligible GAs in a specific department or on campus. These reports can be requested at any time by emailing Dana Steele at djsteele@ualr.edu.
  7. If a student is not on the list of eligible students, they could still become eligible in the future. Grade changes, ‘I’ grades posting, or other circumstances can change the eligibility of a student.
  8. If a student does not have the required number of hours before the 11th day of classes, the student is not eligible for a GA.
  9. If a graduate assistant drops below the required number of hours without consent from the Graduate School, the GA appointment can be revoked and the student may be required to pay back in full the amount paid to them. All students must sign a form agreeing to these requirements and terms before they can start the position.