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In addition, make sure you read the Graduate Student Handbook, which has more information about all the topics below, as well as additional important academic and student information.

International Students
All international students must physically check in with International Student Services at the beginning of each semester. This is crucial to keeping your immigration status and should be done immediately if you have not already done so. When you go, please take your passport and immigration documents.

For more information, visit the ISS website here.

Academic Standards
Academic Standards Quick Facts.

Degree Time Limits
The time limit for the completion of master’s degrees is 7 years; 10 years is allowed for doctoral degrees. These  time limits  are extensive to allow for unusual or unforeseen circumstances; we do not recommend that regular graduate students take the full 7 or 10 years to complete their degrees.

Courses cycle out every 5 years, meaning that if a student waits longer than that to complete his/her degree, he/she may be required to retake courses to ensure that he/she has received the most updated and accurate knowledge. Again, we recommend completing your degree efficiently to avoid repeating classes.

Every student must be advised before each semester. Your advisor ensures that you take the required courses for your program, without which you cannot graduate. He or she will also help you create a degree plan that suits your program interests and needs. If you do not know who your advisor is, please see the program list to find your program and program coordinator, then contact him/her for more information.

Student Identification Cards
All students must have a UALR ID card. Your first ID card is free and good for your entire length of enrollment at UALR. To  have your ID card made, visit Reception Services on the first floor of the Donaghey Student Center (DSC), by the main entrance of the Fitness & Aquatics Center, during regular business hours. Be sure to bring a photo ID when you go.

Your student ID gives you access to the Fitness Center, certain parking lots, and a meal plan, if you purchased one. It is also your library card, giving you access to all of UALR’s library services, which include digital journals, interlibrary loans,  and a team of knowledgeable and helpful librarians.

The Disability Resource Center
The Americans With Disabilities Act requires the university to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. If you think you may face disability-related barriers during your time at UALR, it is crucial that you visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC) before classes begin, as a record of your visit to the DRC must be made for them to start alleviating these barriers for you. After your visit, a letter with absolutely no details disclosing your disability will be sent to your professors notifying them of the measures or allowances necessary to help you.

If you do not visit the DRC to discuss your disability and later have educational or other disability-related issues, they cannot help you retroactively, so it is very important that you see them as soon as possible. For more information, see their website, call 501.569.3143, or visit the DRC in the Donaghey Student Center, Office 103.

Campus Activities
As a graduate student, you are automatically a member of the Graduate Student Association (GSA)! The GSA hosts social  events, workshops, and more throughout the year. They also offer opportunities for campus leadership and award travel grants in the spring. For more information, see the GSA website or email gsa@ualr.edu.

If you would like to receive GSA emails, send an email with NO subject to listserv@ualr.edu and write “subscribe GSA your first name and last name” in the body. As a graduate student, you will receive only academic emails from the Graduate School; signing up for the GSA email list will enable you to receive news on social, research, and other events.

UALR is also home to the Zeta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda, The Academic Excellence and Leadership Honor Society of Graduate and Professional School Students. Students are nominated on the basis of proven graduate-level leadership and an academic record placing them in the top 35% of their class, among other qualifications. For more information please contact the GSA. Visit the Alpha Epsilon Lambda website here.
For a full list of campus organizations, visit the Campus Life website.

Graduate Assistantships
GA Quick Facts
Read more about graduate assistantships in the policy manual here.

Theses and Dissertations
Many programs require a thesis or dissertation for completion. The Graduate School has mandatory format regulations for all theses and dissertations. See basic information about the regulations here, and the full guidelines here.

You must apply for graduation by the deadline for the term in which you will complete your program requirements. If you do not apply for graduate by the proper deadline, you will not be permitted to graduate that semester. Additionally, if you apply for graduation for a certain semester but do not complete your program requirements that semester, you will not be penalized, but you must apply for graduate again for the correct semester.

Applying for graduation is done through the Student Services section of your BOSS account, under the “student online request menu” option. No late applications will be accepted.

Campus Parking
Anyone wishing to park on campus must register his/her vehicle with Campus Safety and acquire a parking permit. Your first parking permit is free and will allow you to park in certain open lots on campus. Visit the Campus Safety website for full parking details, including lot rules and safety information.