Available Graduate Assistantships

Chemical Hygiene

Typical Duties:

  • Chemical Inventory – Assist in the development, update, reconciliation, and maintenance of the chemical inventory system for the campus using the EHSA Chemical Safety Assistant software; perform manual inventory collection in all departments on campus that use chemicals; bar-code all applicable chemicals; develop electronic labels for chemicals; develop and provide reports of chemical inventories.
  • Collect hazardous waste from all applicable departments
  • Store and consolidate waste in Volatile Storage building
  • Maintain Volatile Storage building in an orderly manner
  • Develop and provide reports of chemical waste inventories
  • Assist in preparing lab-packs.

Qualifications: Student should have a solid understanding of chemistry, chemical reactions, how to segregate chemicals, and the use of computer databases, hand-held devices, and bar-coding. Knowledge of regulations regarding the handling of chemicals is a plus. He/she must be able to walk long distances and lift 25 pounds.

Apply and report to:  Vince Rodgers, Director of EHS & Chemical Hygiene, at varodgers@ualr.edu or 501-371-7602.