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Classified Employee Handbook

Accident Leave

This clarifies the procedure to be followed for accident leave under Board Policy 420.5.

Board policy grants 30 working days of accident leave when an employee is injured as a result of an accident arising out of and in the course of his/her University employment. The policy will be implemented as a supplement to Worker’s Compensation payments.

Worker’s Compensation pays two-thirds of an employee’s salary up to a maximum amount (currently $270 per week). Worker’s Compensation does not pay compensation for lost time due to an accident if the lost time is less than eight calendar days. Worker’s Compensation covers all days missed, except the day of the accident, for lost time lasting fourteen calendar days or more.

UALR’s procedure for implementing Board policy will be as follows:

1.      Immediately following a work related accident the employee’s department head shall file a detailed report with Human Resource Services.

2.      As soon as the employee is physically able and can conveniently do so, the employee will contact Human Resource Services and complete the required Worker’s Compensation forms. That report will be filed with Human Resources.

3.      A physician’s statement will be requested by the employee’s department head and forwarded to Human Resource Services. The employee is responsible for giving the physician a release so medical information can be utilized to evaluate the request for accident leave.

4.      Human Resource Services is responsible for forwarding the file of completed forms and physician’s statement as quickly as possible to the Public Employee Claims Division as well as to the Provost if the injured employee is an academic employee and to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) for all other employees. Since Human Resource Services is charged with forwarding the file, that office will also follow up to obtain all necessary information.

5.      The Provost or VCFA shall make a determination within 8 days from receipt of the report(s) whether to grant accident leave.

The accident leave shall cover the first day(s) of the absence not covered at all by Worker’s Compensation, and supplement Worker’s Compensation payments up to a maximum of the employee’s salary. The combined payments to the employee of Worker’s Compensation and accident leave shall not exceed the employee’s salary. The supplement shall end after the employee is cleared to return to work his/her regular number of hours (including light or modified duties) or has received pay from UALR for thirty days accident leave per accident. Any accident leave time remaining when the employee returns to work may be utilized for physician and physical therapy or health provider appointments associated with the accident.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011