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Classified Employee Handbook

Disciplinary Policy

This policy is designed to govern the personal conduct of employees in areas outside the performance of job duties. There are specific steps established to address each type of infraction described in this policy.

Since no policy of this kind can be designed to account for every possible situation, it should be understood that some instances where disciplinary measures are necessary will not be described here. In addition, employees who are found to have multiple infractions at the time disciplinary steps are necessary may face accelerated actions.

I.  Absences

II. Illegal Conduct

III. Personal Conduct - Individual

IV. Personal Conduct - Involving Others

V. Information-Related Offenses

VI. Gross Negligence

VII. Violation of State and/or Federal Laws

VIII. Operation of University-Owned Motor Vehicles

IX. Unauthorized Use of University Business Telephones

X. Use of University Time and/or Equipment for Personal Monetary Gain

Guidelines for Classified Employee Disciplinary Practices


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011