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Classified Employee Handbook

Guidelines for Classified Employee Disciplinary Practices

OW - Oral Warning
WW - Written Warning
* T - Termination
** S - Suspension (Number of working days without pay)
LWOP - Leave Without Pay

* Termination must be communicated to Human Resource Services prior to notifying employee.
** All suspensions are for five days (unless exception noted) and are arranged according to department scheduling needs. Suspension should occur as soon as possible after infraction.
OFFENSE 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
A. Unauthorized absences (unexcused absence on scheduled workday). OW & LWOP WWLWOP
B. Abandonment of job for 1-8 hours WW & LWOP for hours absent LWOP for hours absent & S
C. Abandonment of job for 8 plus to 16 hours. WW & LWOP for hours absent & S T
D. Misuse of sick leave (claiming to be sick as an escape from hours absent duty) or using sick absent leave instead of annual leave. WW & LWOP for hours absent LWOP for hours absent & S
E. Failure to report for overtime duty (reasonable notice has been given and employee has agreed to work). WW S
F. Chronic failure to adhere to established work hours. OW WW
Illegal conduct
A. Reporting for duty while under the influence of illegal drugs.1 T
B. Selling, possessing or using illegal drugs during working hours. T
C. Selling or using intoxicating beverages during working hours. T
D. Being arrested by a civil authority for a capital offense or a felony charge, found guilty as charged, and jailed or placed on suspended sentence. Subject to removal (Chancellor’s decision)
E. Attempted or actual theft of University property or personal property. T
F. Misappropriation, stealing, and/or embezzlement of funds. T
G. Unauthorized possession or carrying of firearms or other weapons3 during work hours. T
H. Gambling during working hours (Unlawful betting or gambling or promotion thereof.) OW WW
1 Includes pharmaceutical narcotics, stimulants, depressants, etc., which have been obtained illegally or without prescription.
2 All firearms and weapons are prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Arkansas Legislature for security purposes.
3 Includes any bladed hand instrument or a club capable of inflicting serious physical injury or death by cutting, stabbing, or striking such as a knife with a blade 3 1/2 inches or longer, dirk, sword, spear, razor, blackjack, billy club, sap, or similar instruments.
Personal conduct - individual
A. Reporting for duty while under the influence of alcohol.2 S1 (1-8 hours) T
B. Sleeping on the job. WW S T
1 Immediate suspension to remove intoxicated employee from premises.
2 Departure from normal demeanor.
Personal conduct - involving other individuals
A. Assaulting or physically attacking supervisor, fellow employee, student or member of public without provocation. T
B. Fighting or creating a disturbance on premises.1 WW & S T
C. Immediate and intentional disobedience or refusal to carry out reasonable instructions. T
D. Use of language intended to ridicule or demean an employee, supervisor, student or member of public in the presence of others or while in conversation on the telephone. WW S T
E. Racial, sexual, religious, etc., discrimination and harassment. S T
F. Discourteous treatment of the public. OW W S T
1 Self-defense is not included.
Information - related offenses
A. Unauthorized release or divulgence of confidential information from University records.1 T
B. Falsification of facts on employment application (intentional misstatement of facts). T
C. Falsification of facts or altering any University records in connection with work. T
D. Altering or falsification of student records either for one’s self or other students. T
1 If violation of state or federal law, penalties imposed by the appropriate law would also apply.
Gross negligence
A. Neglect of University policies, rules or procedures pertaining to facilities, property, equipment, fund maintenance, or the general safety of employees or clients. WW S T
B. Endangering the safety or welfare of other individuals due to neglect of standard operating procedures in carrying out normal job functions. T
Violation of state and/or federal laws governing political activities of public employees.
Operation of University-owned vehicles:
A. Use of vehicles for unauthorized or unofficial purposes. WW S T
B. Failure to report an accident to police and University. T
C. Speeding in University-owned vehicles. OW WW S T
Unauthorized use of University business telephones:
A. Excessive personal use of department business phones. OW WW S T
B. Making personal long distance calls charged to University. WW & reim-bursement S & reim-bursement T & reim-bursement
Use of University time and/or equipment for personal monetary gain.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011