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Classified Employee Handbook

Probationary Policies

Probationary Employment

As a new employee (new hire, rehire or transfer from another state agency/institution), you are placed on probationary employment status for three months. At the end of three months, your supervisor must either place you on regular status, extend your probationary employment period (not to exceed an additional three months), or terminate your employment.

A decision on your status at the end of your probationary employment period will be based on your supervisor’s evaluation. A probationary employee should be counseled by his/her supervisor regarding any job related deficiencies during the probationary period. This evaluation will be conducted using a one page evaluation form designed for probationary employment periods. This is not to be confused with your annual evaluation which is conducted using the Arkansas Performance Evaluation System.

Employees on probationary employment do not have access to the University Grievance Procedure.

Probationary Period After Regular Status is Granted

After employees have satisfactorily completed an initial probationary period, additional probationary periods are established for reasons of unacceptable job performance only. If at any time after your initial probationary period, your supervisor determines your job performance to be below established acceptable standards, the following procedure will be applied:

  1. Counseling: If there is some concern on the part of your supervisor with your job performance, you will be counseled for the first time he/she brings the problem to your attention. This counseling session may be documented by your supervisor, but the documentation will not become a part of your official (HRS) personnel file, unless further action for the same or similar problem becomes necessary.
  2. Written Warning/Probation: If, after your supervisor has followed step one above, you continue to exhibit the same or a similar performance problem you will be issued a written warning and placed on probation for unacceptable performance. This written warning will contain:
    1. A description of the performance problem
    2. Suggestions for corrective action
    3. A statement that this is a written probationary warning and that another occurrence could result in termination
    4. A period of evaluation (not to exceed three months)

    A copy of this written warning will be sent to Human Resource Services where it will become a part of your official personnel file.

    If your supervisor needs an additional period of observation after the three month period mentioned in “d” above, an extension of up to three additional months may be granted. This will be the only extension granted.

  3. Termination: If, after your supervisor has granted you a period of probation (including extension) to improve job performance and your performance is still below acceptable levels, you will be terminated.

Termination for the same or similar performance problems may occur at any time within twelve months after a probationary period has been granted. If, after satisfactorily completing a probationary period to improve job performance, the same or similar problem occurs again, your supervisor is not required to begin this process again from step one which is counseling.

Nothing contained in the above stated policy is deemed to create an expectation of continued employment or affect an employee’s status as an employee at will.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011