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Classified Employee Handbook


If you are planning to resign, you are urged to give at least two weeks notice. This notice allows time to prepare for filling the vacancy created by your resignation and to execute all necessary clearances. An employee who has voluntarily ended employment with adequate notice and whose work performance has been satisfactory will be considered for re-employment upon application.

Employees who have accumulated amounts of compensatory time and have given a notice of resignation are either paid for accumulated time, or are scheduled to take time off before last day of employment. Therefore, if you are leaving and you have accumulated compensatory time, you should arrange with your supervisor to use it before leaving. Twelve-month employees who work half-time or more are paid a lump sum for unused holiday and vacation leave - 30 days maximum.

Before a final paycheck is issued to a leaving employee, the following steps are taken:

1. A final time sheet or Monthly Personnel Report should be submitted to the Payroll Office on the employee’s last day of work.

2. On the last workday or a day or two prior to the last day, the employee must go to Human Resource Services to complete an Exit Information Form and receive a Separation Clearance Card. The card must be cleared through all listed checkpoints. In an effort to expedite this process, Human Resource Services will call the Library and will initial the card for that department. After securing all required signatures, the card must be forwarded or taken to the Payroll Office.

Following the steps outlined above will allow the Payroll Office to initiate a final paycheck for all time worked since the last payday. Once the final time sheet and the Separation Clearance Card are received in the Payroll Office, the final paycheck will be released on payday. The paycheck will be sent to his/her department for either pick up or mailing. If the employee is not entitled to the paycheck as processed, for whatever reason, it will be voided and re-issued in the proper amount on the next scheduled payroll run. A separate paycheck will be issued for any unused vacation time for twelve-month employees. This paycheck will not accompany the final paycheck, but will be processed on the earliest possible payroll run after termination. The vacation paycheck may be picked up in the Payroll Office or it may be sent to the employee’s department for either pick up or mailing.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011