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Classified Employee Handbook

Viewing Personnel Files

Official records are maintained in Human Resource Services on each University employee. Files are only opened for viewing under the following conditions:

A. Employees are allowed to view information contained in their file anytime during regular business hours.

*If you should make a request to view your file, you will be allowed to do so in the presence of a member of Human Resource Services staff. Your file may not be removed from the office, or altered in any way. (Exception: You may remove documents that you requested to be placed in your file.)*

B. Files of employees who have applied for promotion/transfer may be viewed by the prospective supervisor and persons involved in the interview or selection process for filling that position.

C. Supervisors may view the files of employees they supervise at any time.

D. Any member of the public (under provisions of and subject to exemptions under the State Freedom of Information Act) can request and have access to employee files. Before a request is honored, the employee on whom the file is maintained is contacted and the file is purged of the following pieces of information:

    1. Social Security Number
    2. Unlisted telephone numbers
    3. Addresses not intended for publication
    4. Income tax information
    5. Medical records
    6. Scholastic records
    7. Adoption records
    8. Information which is deemed to constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy

E. Free copies of documents contained in personnel files are provided to the employee on whom the file is maintained, to any individual(s) who is empowered by University policy to participate in the settlement/investigation of a formal grievance/complaint which has been filed by an employee and to a party or parties authorized by court order or subpoena. All other requests for copies will be honored for a charge.

F.Documents submitted for inclusion in personnel files are made a part of a permanent record. Subsequent withdrawals of information require a written request from the individual who originally requested the documents be included.

G.Arrangements to view personnel files are to be made with the Manager, Records. This individual is located in Human Resource Services.

H.To the extent departments maintain personnel files, the same rules apply.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011