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Classified Employee Handbook

Educational Leave

A permanent (full-time) employee may be granted educational leave by the President of the University on the following basis:

1. The employee will continue in the service of the University for a period of time as statutorily required or in the absence of a specific law, at least twice the length of his or her course of training. Any employee who does not fulfill these obligations shall be required to pay to the University the total cost or a proportionate share of the cost of the out-service training and compensation paid during the training period.

2. A written contract setting forth all terms of the agreement shall be signed by the employee and the President or Chancellor. The employee shall retain all rights in the position held at the time when the leave was granted or in one of comparable security and pay.

The amount of salary paid during the training period will be agreed upon by the employee and the President or Chancellor but may not in any case exceed the regular salary paid the employee. Payments for tuition, fees, books, and transportation may be made only if such sums have been specifically appropriated by the General Assembly for such purposes. (Board Policy 420.2, 6/9/95)


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011