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Classified Employee Handbook

Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment

Statement of Policy

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock explicitly condemns sexual harassment as a violation of an individual’s human rights and dignity and as a form of discrimination based upon sex.

Therefore, the policy of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is that members of the University community neither commit nor condone sexual harassment in any form. This prohibition applies equally to male and female staff, faculty and students, to all other persons on premises subject to University control and to those engaged to further the interests of the University.

Employees and students who engage in sexual harassment will be subject to applicable disciplinary processes. Sexual harassment is unlawful and may also subject those who engage in it to civil and criminal penalties.

The University is committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment. Therefore, the University administration strongly encourages all University of Arkansas at Little Rock community members to report incidents of sexual harassment. To that end, reporting and investigating procedures are supportive of and sensitive to the alleged victim. At the same time, they adequately safeguard the rights of the alleged offender.

Policy Rationale

Sexual harassment is reprehensible. It subverts the mission of the University by threatening the careers, educational experience and general well-being of every member of the University community. In both obvious and subtle ways, sexual harassment destroys an individual’s ability to function at his or her highest level and has a harmful effect on one’s ability to study, work, or engage in leisure activities within the University community. Although sexual harassment often takes place when the people involved have unequal power (as between a supervisor and employee or between a teacher and student), sexual harassment also occurs between people who have equal power and status in the University community (as between students or between co-workers). The purpose of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s sexual harassment policy is to educate members of the University community about the harms caused by sexual harassment and about behaviors which constitute harassment based on an individual’s sex or gender. Finally, and most importantly, the purpose of this policy is to eradicate sexual harassment within the University community.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011