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Classified Employee Handbook

Smoking Policy

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Smoking on UALR campuses is regulated under the authority of Act 462 of the 76th General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, 1987. In accordance with this statute and recognizing the ill effects of tobacco on both its smoking and nonsmoking faculty, staff, students and visitors, the University and its assembly declare that UALR buildings on all campuses shall be “smoke free.” Smoke free means no use of smoking materials of any kind inside UALR buildings. Employees and students who choose to smoke must do so during their authorized breaks outside of UALR buildings.

Smoking outside of buildings shall be at designated areas equipped with receptacles for the appropriate disposal of the smoking materials.

All individuals are responsible for enforcement of this policy. If an individual cannot resolve a problem encountered while attempting to maintain the smoke free environment, the next in the chain of authority will be asked to help resolve the problem.

Standard disciplinary procedures shall be followed for students, staff, and faculty who fail to abide by this policy. (University Assembly, 4/9/91)


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.28.2011