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Health Services



Tuberculosis is a debilitating bacterial disease of the lungs.

Tb is easily detectable through a blood draw (T-Spot) or a skin test (PPD) - and is treatable with antibiotics. T-Spot is the mandated method for all foreign-born students when they first arrive at UALR. PPD is acceptable for all other students.

The PPD is not given on Thursdays since it must be read 48 - 72 hours after administered. Giving the test on Thursday would require it be read on Saturday or Sunday, and Health Services is closed on the weekends. The T-Spot’s can be drawn any day Monday - Friday.

PPD: $7.00

T-SPOT (blood draw): $45.00 (If you are an international student with the UALR insurance - Lewer - Health Services can bill the insurance company.  You will be required to pay a $25 co-pay, which can be billed to your student account).

Blood Pressure

Free screening and information, anytime, usually no wait.


A five minute urine screening for pregnancy is available initially at no charge. Results are reliable two weeks after conception.

Updated 6.24.2014