HSCI 1370 Personal Health (online)

Personal Health 1370
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Department of Health Sciences

COURSE TEXT: Core Concepts in Health, tenth edition, by Insel, Roth, Rollins and
Petersen (NOT brief edition)
May be purchased in UALR bookstore

OBJECTIVES: At the completion of the course, the student will be able to
*    Demonstrate that they know how to take responsibility for their health and
well being.
*    Examine their lifestyle and apply positive modifications to a negative
behavior. Progression will be recorded in a journal.
*    Identify learn strategies for modifying negative health behaviors.
*    Identify the dangers and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.
*    Identify and describe various methods of birth control.
*    Identify and research various health subjects on the internet.
*    Discuss and identify methods of dealing with stress.
*    Identify conditions of psychological health.
*    Identify risk factors associated with drug use, misuse, and abuse.
*    Identify the risk factors of various health conditions.


Evaluation Scale:
100% – 90% = A
89% – 80%  = B
79% – 70%  = C
69% – 60%  = D
Below  60% = F

Behavior Change Plan:
(Refer to specifics in course
materials/assignments )

Activity (lab) Assignments :
Worksheets, internet research

10 quizzes (open book), 20 questions:
10 points/quiz

Participation portion of grade included
here. Refer to Instructions for
Discussion under ALL Communication
Icon for requirements and
instructions.  MUST be followed in
order to receive credit.

Comprehensive Final: 100
questions; which will be taken from
quiz questions: 90 min. time limit
Note:  refer to document in Student Tools for instructions on how to figure your
final grade when components of a course are weighted.
CAVEAT:   The schedule and procedures for this course are subject to change.
*     If changes are made they will be announced through WebCTemail, homepage
upper textbox notices, or in the discussion groups.
*     It is the student’s responsibility to check their emails, homepage notices, and
discussion groups regularly.
NOTE:  Since this is an online course, you must have access to a computer.  Also, have a
back up computer “plan B” in case something happens to your primary use computer. You
have a set number of weeks  in which to complete this course, so you cannot be without
access to a computer for any extended length of time.  Make up time will not be given if
you are without a computer, so be sure you have prepared yourself and your equipment
Late assignment submission/post  policy:  No late work will be accepted without
instructor approval.  Student should fax (569-3237) documentation of extenuating
circumstances to the instructor which was the cause for assignments not being submitted
or posted by the due date that is in the current semester calendar/schedule.
Internet Activity or Worksheet Assignments:  You will have a lab assignment on most
chapters.  These should be typed into a Word document and submitted through the
assignment drop box. If you do not have Microsoft Word, go to Student Tools and
follow the instructions for formatting your documents for submission.  This is to insure
that the instructor will be able to open and read your assignment ( check out the
interactive assignment drop box instructions in  Student Tools ). All lab assignments are
located under assignments in the  CourseMaterials/Assignments  module.  These
assignments should be proofed well before being submitted.  After being submitted, you
should try to open and read the file.  If you can’t open it….the instructor can’t!  If the
file does not open, you will receive no grade.
Discussions:  These posts are public for all to read… keep that in mind as you compose
your comments. ( see  interactive discussion instructions under  Course
Materials/Assignments ).
The class will be divided into discussion groups. When you click on discussions, you will
see only your group. That is where you will post for the current chapter.  After the due
date for each topic (chapter), the posts for that chapter will be moved from your group
discussion board into a “archive” discussion board (located just below the group board)
with the title of the corresponding chapter. Your group discussion board will then be
ready for your posts for the next assignned chapter discussions.  The archived chapter
discussion boards will be left unlocked for you to review throughout the course.  You will
not be able to post to these “archive” discussion boards.
You need to check your group discussion board often within the availability date range
given in the calendar/schedule, not just pop in and make your posts and then leave.  This
is similar to your face to face class discussions, but if you don’t read all the comments you
miss out!
The discussion assignment posts must be in your group discussion board in order for you
to receive credit.  If you place your assignment posts in the other discussion boards
provided for student interaction, it will not be read by the instructor…..therefore, you will
not receive credit!!!  Assignments must be in your group discussion board in order to
receive ANYcredit
Refer to Discussion Grading Rubric in the  course materials table of content  in the
Course Materials/Assignments  module.    Posts such as “I agree”, etc. will receive no
credit….you must contribute to the dialogue.  This will take some extra thinking on your
part. No participation, no discussion points
.Note:  you must post at least two times and on two different days in order to receive full
Please read the Student Handbook for an explanation of the Academic Honor Code. The
academic honor code used in health is based on the premise that each student has the
1. to uphold the highest standards of academics integrity in the student’s own
2. to refuse to tolerate violations of academic integrity in the university
community, and
3. to foster a high sense of integrity and social responsibly on the part of the
university community.
4.    NOTE:   It is considered cheating to print off quizzes or use your textbook or
notes when taking the exams.  Copying and submitting as your own work any
assignments that former students, or anyone other than the individual enrolled in
this course, have completed in this class is considered cheating, and could result in
a grade of F for the entire course.
5.  Plagiarism: If you do not understand what plagiarism is, find out now!  An
automatic F will be given immediately for any assignments which are considered
plagiarized.  You are not to copy information directilyfrom the internet, or any
other source, or “cut and paste”  and submit as your answer to assignments.
Again, this is cheating and will result in a grade of F for the assignment or
possibly the entire course depending on the assignment(s) involved.

Students with disabilities:
It is the policy of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to create inclusive
learning environments. If there are aspects of the instruction or design of this
course that result in barriers to your inclusion or to accurate assessment of
achievement–such as time-limited exams, inaccessible web content, or the use
of non-captioned videos–please notify the instructor as soon as possible.
Students are also welcome to contact the Disability Resource Center, telephone
501-569-3143 (v/tty). For more information, visit the DRC website at
NOTE:  Please fax a copy of your disability letter from UALR Disability Support
Services to the instructor if you need to be considered for any special accomodations
while taking this course. The fax number is:  569-3237.  Please note the instructor’s name
on the front page of your fax.  Also, please remind the instructor a few days prior to the
final exam if you need extended time.