The Department of Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management degree programs are designed to educate students as health professionals in community health agencies, health maintenance organizations, business and industry wellness programs, exercise and fitness industries, sport management, teaching K-12 health & physical education, and coaching in public schools as well as prepare students to enter graduate programs.

Bachelor of Science

A  student seeking a Bachelor of Science degree may select from two areas:

  1. Health Education and Promotion (all online)
  2. K-12 Health & Physical Education (licensure program only)

Masters of Science

A student seeking a Masters of Science may select from three areas:

  1. Exercise Science
  2. Health Education and Promotion
  3. Sport Management

Teacher Licensure

Students seeking a K-12 Health & Physical Education Arkansas teaching license must complete our licensure program requirements.  For more information contact the Department of HHPS for academic advising 569-3523.

Admission Requirements

Students who select our Health Education & Promotion online program as a major must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or greater, and must have completed HHPS 1370 Personal Health (or an equivalent course) with a grade of C or greater. Decisions regarding course equivalency and situations in which students have tested out of courses or transferred credit from other programs will be made by the Department Program Coordinator.

Special Programs

Leisure Science

The Department of Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management offers leisure science fitness courses to help students develop an appreciation, knowledge of and understanding of the importance of exercise in daily living. The Leisure Science courses are listed with a LESC prefix.

Coaching Endorsement

Students wishing to coach athletics in the State of Arkansas must obtain a Coaching Endorsement from the Arkansas State Department of Education. Our HHPS Coaching Endorsement program of study is 21 hours.  Our program applicants must pass Praxis: # 50095 , and presently seeking or hold valid teaching license. This program of study is not all online and an advising appointment must be set up with our HHPS Teaching Coordinator at 569-3523 to be accepted into the program.

HHPS Department Minors

Health and Exercise Science – 18 hours (majority of courses online)                                             Health Science – 18 hours (health education and Promotion online courses)                               Sport Management – 18 hours (all courses online)